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Entlifeonline (entrepreneurs life online) is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing entrepreneurship and business blog you can trust. Here we provide real life guide/information or tips on educating business start ups for aspiring entrepreneurs, student etc.

The details on this are provided based on research (interviews) Carried out on experienced top level entrepreneurs on different line or field of business with at least 8 years experience.

We also provide educating management tips on how to manage your business.


Surprisingly, due to shyness, lack of finance, lack of confidence, and opportunities (just to mention a few); aspiring entrepreneurs found it difficult to make researches and gather useful and valuable information on business they intend going into.

The purpose of this blog is to provide those information on how to startup any business of your or their choice, provide tip on how to tackle it’s challenges and how to make the business grow.


The aim of this blog is to by the information provided, tackle and eradicate unemployment and poverty in Nigeria and in Africa generally.


You never can tell as the next article might be the perfect side hustle you need to start up. Keeping track of this blog is being a step ahead.


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