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let me tell you a story.​

There are two friends.​

They both had N100k each.​

One said… ” I will keep my N100k and use it to feed myself till the end of this coronavirus worldwide lockdown.​

So, he was pinching from his savings and buying food from time to time.​

He wanted to survive.​

But the other dude had a different plan.​

He said… ” I will keep half of my money for food, and I will invest the other half on a corona-proof business model”.​

And so he did.​

Eight weeks into the lockdown, the guy who said he would keep his N100k and feed with it, ran out of cash.​

And that was when it dawned on him that he was fucked.​

While for the second guy, eight weeks later, he received his first ABPM salary update, and it was N50k.​


In another eight weeks, the guy who ate all his N100k, died.​

Obviously, he ran out of food; he couldn’t find even a little bit of leftover food in other people’s garbage dump.​

Everywhere was dry.​


…the guy who invested a part of his money, has grown his ABPM business into a N300k per month automated income machine.​

This is war.​ Can’t you see?

Go and read your history.​

People become cannibals during wartime.​

Things will get tougher.​

The W.H.O has recommended against lifting the worldwide lockdown.​

They want everyone vaccinated.​

But as of now, there is no vaccine in sight.​

If you seriously think life will return to normal anytime soon, then you must not have been listening to the experts.​

Listen to the experts.​

Listen to global policymakers.​

Or don’t you know how many people have lost their businesses during this crisis?​

I said “businesses” …not jobs.​

Because when it comes to job loss, …the number is heartbreakingly devastating.​

The situation calls for quick, proactive thinking.​

This is not the time to make mistakes in judgment.​

At this time, locking all your money inside your anus like a baboon, won’t save you for too long.​

Do this instead.​

Look around you.​

Crack your brain…and come up with something you can do to multiply your money in this season of corona terror.​

But if you are unable to come up with any formidable ideas, then I can recommend something that works for you right now.​

But don’t just take my words for it.​

Do your due diligence.​

Check out the Auto Book Pay Method Program.​

This is one rock-solid and easily scalable way to make money fast without difficulties in these critical times.​

But I said, don’t take my word for it.​

Click on the whatsapp icon to send me a quick message…

…and I’ll get back to you with a video to for further information you may need.

After you watch the video, feel free to ask me any questions if you have any.​


This virus will surely pass away.​

But we don’t know precisely when.​

That is not even the saddest part.​

It is the reality that so many people will pass away; that is the saddest part.​

And one of the ways it will happen is that the virus will first kill people financially, then, the rest will take care of itself.​

But there is a way to avoid this present evil.​

And this is not me trying to sell you anything.​


I am just telling all who care to listen, that I have found a unique way to beat the financial mess this virus has created.​

You can take…or you can leave it.​

It’s not by force.​

so i  ask again would you like to make a financial decision today that you will benefit massively from every month for at least 5 years?

Use the whatsapp icon to your left…


Send me a message now.


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