See and record what's happening live in your home, shop, office or anywhere at all from your mobile phone.

Dear friend,

With the situation of things in this country, you need to be very careful of who you trust.

No one should be trusted.

And even if you want to trust someone, he or she must earn it.

Click on play below to see how a baby was maltreated by the maid.

Now if not for this secret bulb camera, the parents woudn't have been able to capture that moment which exposes the true colours of the goat in sheep clothing called a maid.

The same way the true identity of the maid was discovered, is the same way you need to discover the true identity of everyone close to your loved ones, possessions, valueables, personal properties etc.

And on of the ways to do that is by monitoring activities you really care about from your mobile phone using the PANORAMIC SPY BULB CAMERA

This bulb is actually a spy camera which helps you keep an eye on your Properties; House, Office, Hospital, Shop/Restaurant, etc and keep a proper record of activities that occurred in your absence.”

I came across this spy camera in 2018.

Being a single bachelor, it wasn't like i needed it personally, i remember telling my friend who introduced it to me that this thing is useless to me.

And just when he was about to collect his phone which i was using to look at it and leave, i remebered my mum.

Now here's the gist.

My mum runs a supermarket in ajah, lagos...

...and before the admission of Christiana  (my cousin who played the role of a secretary/cashier) into the higher institution, the supermarket was booming.

When christy left, my mum had to find a replacement and that's how Maria became part of the business.

Aside the fact that she needed to adjust and catch up with a few things, Maria was doing Ok... least for the first 6 months according to my mum.

All of a sudden, My mum started reporting unbalanced account.

Stock that was worth around 650k with an estimated profit of at least 90-100k was now recording 40k. Sometimes even less.

The mummy blessing A.K.A mama soja that i know would have turned the world upside down to know what's happening to her business.

But age is catching up on her and that vapour and fire inside her has reduced drastically.

Nowadays she just let things sly.

Unfortunately, the unbalanced records became worse and went on for months after months.

The business began to fall apart and it started affecting her health as our family doctor reported to me a few times that her blood pressure is rising.

So fast forward to when i got this camera in Abuja and have it delivered to her in lagos...

...that's when i started seeing things that happened in her absence and even in her presence but unknown to her.

Mind you, i had tested the spy camera and connected it with my phone before getting it to her.

She didn't know what it was, and i never told her on purpose.

All i did was tell her to make sure our gate keeper fix it at the center of the supermarket by  replacing the spy bulb with the one that was there.

In that position, i will be able to zoom and capture all part of the supermart.

This spy bulb is that awesome.

And because i was just figuring out life on my own then, i had all the time in the world to watch the activities even though i can record and watch it later.

Because i can monitor the spy bulb at my convenience, It didn't take long before i started seeing result.

That same day, I saw Maria take 3 packs of golden morn and a tin of milo and milk.

She gave it to someone and all she said was "carry am go house straight ooo" and the guy replied "Ok"

That was her only suspicious activity before i stopped watching to go see a champion league match.

Upon my return from the viewing center, i decided to watch what has been recorded,

it's like watching a reality show like Big Brother...

You don't what will happen but you know something will happen. was then i saw how she took about 6,000 into her bag while she was balancing and rounding up for the day.

The following day was the day for my job interview.

Activities in the supermarket was automatically  recorded by the bulb camera and when i got back and rested for a while, i began watching my favourite T.V show.

The begining part was pretty boring as it entailed normal buying and selling activities.

I had to then forward it to end of day and to my surprise, she stylishly took more than enough cash as she wanted to give a customer his change, and then dropped the rest in her bag... mum was there, but she didn't seem to notice it at all. i'm sure what was going on in her head was that Mary was attending to a customer.

Her fraudulent activities continued for a while and i had all the proof i wanted on my phone thanks to this spy bulb camera.

To cut the long story, i returned to Lagos when the feedback from my interview was taking longer than usual.

I reported the case to the police with my evidence and further investigation shows she was already operating a mini super market from home.

One which her brother was in charge of. 

The same guy caught on camera recieving provisions from Mary of which her instruction to him was "carry am go house straight ooo"

It was a happy ending.

But what i am particularly grateful for was that i was able to save my mum's life and also save her business with a camera i bought for just 33,000 naira then.

Come to think of it, what if something worse has happened to her has she became increasingly worried about the state of her business.

God forbid is not enough.

And that's why i said people around your loved ones and possessions should earn your trust. 

Now is no longer the time to let them have it for free... because they can destroy you.


Just like me, you may also feel this isn't something you need in your life.

But have you thought of your loved ones?

is the safety and sanity of your parents, kids, siblings or partner not important to you anymore?

Aside that...

How well do you know your friends, business partners, colleagues and workers...

Won't you like to know the ones who are for you and the ones against you?

i bet you would.

And just a pack of this spy bulb camera is all you need.

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With this bulb camera, distance is not a barrier anymore, even when you travel overseas

...See what is happening at home or anywhere of your choice while you are away

...Record everything as its happening from anywhere you are using your mobile phone

...Take pictures of things happening in your absent

...Listen to discussions happening in your absent

...You can even talk back at them from your mobile phone and many more.


It's very easy.

This product comes with a manual guide on how to go about the installation.

Aside that, we'll also send you a video guide we made on how to go about the installation on Whatsapp when you recieve your order.

Worst case scenerio?, we'll send you an agent to help you install it.

So you are covered.

Now, below is why i said it's very easy to install or set-up

Other Key Features...

NOTE: You can record locally by inserting Memory Card into the Bulb. When you are back, you can Plug and Play to view all that has been recorded.


Most businesses; Hotels, Hospitals, Offices, Shops/Restaurants, and even most homes had fallen victim of rubbery, smuggling and unnoticed activities that led to the loss of important documents, money and even human lives because there is no proper record of activities, actions, and movements.

The major purpose of this advance technology is help you Stop Regretting... By ensuring you capture the action and take pro active decisions before those who claim they love YOU and who you feel you know carry out thier deeds against you.

Considering the shipping cost and clearing product of this product company could have decided to sell it 45,000 or at least 35,000 at least.

But looking at the current situation of things in the country, it was recently concluded after the Nigeria Security Operation Board meeting that you can have this advance technology spy bulb camera for just a promo price of 

23,000 for 1 PACK OF BULB CAMERA

₦42,000 for 2 PACKS OF BULB CAMERA

₦60,000 for 3 PACKS OF BULB CAMERA

So for the safety and wellbeing of yourself, your partner, kids, sibings, parents, valuable possessions, etc...

...fill the form below to own at least one piece of this amazing spy bulb camera that will help you monitor and reveal the true intentions and identity of everyone and everything close to you...  

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  • This camera ensures your overall safety is inscreased.
  • The video surveillance can help prevent shoplifting & theft in your business
  • Improve employee productivity and business operations... because when you see how they behave when you come back and talk sense into them, they'll definately work harder and improve and this will inturn, make your business boom.
  • Prevent Fraud
  • Video Surveillance Can Prevent Employee Theft
  • Recognize those against you and your loved ones and deter thier false intensions and threats before they happen 
  • 24/7 Peace of Mind
  • And Many More ...

Amazing Testimonies...

I went for a wedding in Abeokuta and thanks to this bulb camera, i was able to monitor activites at my convenience and i loved it.

Mrs Adeleke from sango

Now you can test drive our product for two months with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our representative, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

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