there needs to be something interesting

about your face but also very beautiful

which I believe that everyone is

everyone has interesting about

them and even if it’s like even if it’s

not just your   maybe it’s your

haircut maybe it’s your eyelashes maybe

it’s your eyelashes maybe it’s your

teeth maybe it’s your eyebrows don’t you

guys remember when Cara Delevingne came

up with them huge eyebrows and now it’s

like a thing everyone wants bushy

eyebrows I want bushy eyebrows so yeah

something interesting that’s interesting

about you that makes you different you

know you want to stand out you really do

want to stand out whether it’s you have

there’s models that you know they look a

little bit strange not strange in a bad

way but like they look different kind of

models I’ll maybe put pictures in but it

could be even like your teeth you might

have like a huge gap in your teeth and

there’s a model that models for fancy

that has a huge gap in the her teeth and

she looks beautiful like you know you

need to just have something interesting

about you that’s the main aim if

anything have something interesting

right now I feel like the measurements

and stuff they are important for high

fashion but high fashion is and

everything you can do be doing

editorials and runway and stuff like

that without their measurement so it’s

not everything I highly highly highly

recommend that you get yourself signed

to a good modeling agency I always say

to go on models calm models calm is

going to be your best friend when sorry

what was a hair model calm is going to

be your best friend when trying to sign

with an agency and it has all the

reliable agencies on there the agencies

that are actually on their agencies that

are reliable agencies that are real

agencies because I know there are a lot

of people that are trying to

advantage of new models trying to get

money out of them another thing as well

that I want to push do not pay for

anything do not pay for anything do not

pay an agent for anything do not pay a

photographer or anything and this is why

I say because usually photographers will

ask for a fee if you’re doing at a shoe

I’ve had to pay for test shoes which is

completely normal as well especially if

it’s a really good photographer however

if you’re just starting out as a model

you do not be booking photographers and

paying them

out do test shoots go out find an agency

your is the person that is

invested in you so what does that mean

that means   you are gonna be a good

investment they put their time in

because I believe that time is more

valuable than money so they put in that

time to get you developed to get you

ready to see clients to get you start to

start booking job start making them when

you start making yourself money so a no

agent knowledge your agent is gonna ask

you for money upfront anyway after a

while yeah you are gonna have to pay pay

them to find a new job that you’ll pay a

percentage out of your paycheck for what

other jobs they found you you’ll also

have to pay and this is the thing as

well this is why I say if you’re an

investment because you are gonna be on

their website website fees do a curl

like you have to pay for the website you

have to pay for the books you have to

pay for the cards like them fees will be

taken out of your paycheck when you

start working that’s why I say you’re an

investment so if an agency is asking you

for money up front if the agent is

asking you for money up front they don’t

believe that you have what it takes to

be a model they don’t believe that you

have what it takes to make their money

and that’s what it’s about like an

agency is not going to hire someone that

they don’t believe is going to make

their money because at the end of the

day no one’s gonna put in that time and

money and effort working on an

investment that’s not gonna happen so

obviously whoever’s asking you for money

does not believe in you so do not give

them your money just wait until you find

a good legit agency that believes in you

and believes that you

can work and make the money you know so

that’s the first step and to do this I

always suggest that models go on models

comm there you’ll find that the little

jet agencies you’ll find the agencies

that have good contacts they have to

have good contacts to be on models comm

in my opinion that’s where you’re gonna

find the agencies and I’m going to talk

you through it and basically show you

how you get our models comm it’s pretty


easy I’m gonna leave a link down below

for you guys to check it out I forgot


so before you go on to models comm you

want to find an agency that is close to

where you live I always suggest doing

this because it just it’s just gonna

make you life so much easier there’s a

lot of different terms basically your

first agency will be your mother agency

you want your mother agent CPT to be

close to you you want to be in the same

country at least and same in the same

time zone so that if you ever have a

problem and you need to contact your

agency you can contact them and you

don’t have to wait a whole day to get a

respond to take make sure you find the

mother agency which will always be the

first agency you sign with that is

reliable that has contacts and that

lives in your area or in the same

country as you I’d always suggest

finding other agencies and agencies in

general in the closest fashion capital

to you and what I mean by fashion

capital is where like fashion is fashion

modeling is like a thing and it’s it’s

like a thing if that makes any sense so

fashion capitals are New York London

Milan and Paris so if you have say for

example your say for example me I’m from

Manchester so I would personally find a

mother agency in London just because

that’s a fashion capital you know that

they’re gonna have London contact that’s

where most of the clients are that’s

what I mean as well most of the clients

are gonna go to fashion capitals to find

models like London Paris Milan New York

that’s where they’re gonna go they there

are over like smaller fashion capital it

just depends really where you live say

for example if you’re from the

netherlands amsterdam isn’t a fashion

capital but you would want to sign with

an agency in amsterdam if that makes any

sense because amsterdam is like is

there was quite a lot of work there is

whilst that’s what I would personally

suggest but I definitely say make sure

that you find an agency in the same time

zone as you you don’t want to be having

a mother agency in New York and you live

in England and you know it’s like it’s

hard even when my agencies from New York

trying to contact me it’s always like

you know hard to like get things done

really quickly just cuz of the time

difference so now that we have figured

out where we want our agency we figured

out the closest like Maine fashion

capital towards our main city that has

agencies there we want to go on

tomorrow’s comm and we want to go to the

agency section they from the Netherlands

and you want to find yourself an agency

in Amsterdam because that’s the closest

fashion capital to you so we’ll go down

to models comm find Amsterdam and then

it will show up all the agencies all the

agencies but I renounce to them that

have good clients have they’re reliable

they’re good agencies they’re well-known

we will go on to that website have a

look what kind of agency they are

whether they’re more like high fashion

editorial or commercial also I would

suggest making sure that you know or

kind of have a gist of what kind of

modeling you fit into now not every kind

of modeling is gonna work for you high

fashion might work for you but then

commercial might not vice-versa like

make sure that you sign with an agency

that’s in your niche if that if there is

even a need if you don’t have the

requirements for high fashion chances

are you’re not going to work well in

high fashion and the most annoying thing

would be for you to sign with a high

fashion agency them saying you

everything go well but then you are just

sitting on their books because they’re

very high fashion most of the clients

that go to their high fashion clients

looking for high-fashion models and

y’all just sat in the box no one’s

booking you because your commercial and

you’re not making money and you’re just

sat there main thing is is to be working

like you don’t want to just be your

model you want to work like you want to

book jobs you want to make money you

want to pay your bills right so make


that you have kind of a gist of where

you fit into ever that’s high fashion

commercial or I might try and do a video

kind of breaking it down and like

telling you guys like the different like

how to kind of spot what kind of agency

is best for you terms of whether it’s

commercial or and high-fashion but once

you’ve figured that out there’s a lot to

figure out before you get on to becoming

a model I’d say not to worry too much

about that as well just because the

agent if you do get signed but agent

will know where you work best then you

know but there are some agents that will

just take take you on and they’ll have

you just disappearing in their books

just stop they’re doing nothing so just

be careful about that as well so once

we’ve done that find a couple agencies

that we like don’t just go with one

agency don’t just apply some one agency

and think oh like this is my dream

agency this of agency that I want to go

with the chances are big agencies aren’t

gonna hire you they might if you’re

really really like something really

special say like Kate Moss kind of thing

that I’m talking about special because

obviously we’re all special but yeah if

you like Kate Moss material then

obviously you will get signed Bob not

all of us are Kate Moss so chances are

if you’re applying to like huge agent

agencies and you’re not already with an

agency chances are they’re just gonna

overlook your application because there

were a lot of girls up trying to apply

to those agencies and they’re probably

quite strict with that but some agencies

don’t like to have a lot of girls on

their books Eva because they like to

invest their time and invest their money

into the girls like they have so try and

start with a smaller agency but not too

small that in the sense that they’re not

very well known and they don’t book a

lot of jobs but try and start with

something a little bit smaller I’ll say

Jack I need some lip balm I’m sorry so

yeah you’re going to want to apply to a

couple agencies so you don’t want to be

just be sat on an agency’s books doing


we want to make money – so you need to

make sure that you’re picking the right

agency for you now when we found a few

agencies in our region we want to fill

out the form now to do this I’m gonna

talk you guys through it so it’ll ask

you questions like your height weight

shoe size dress size all of that stuff

in the u.s. they have different like

metrics but I think they use centimeters

whereas in the UK we use inches and also

in Europe the use centimeters what as

well you just gonna grab yourself a

measuring tape or you can go out and

just get yourself measured by some

someone I don’t know you can probably

just go out and get yourself measured as

well but I’m gonna show you guys a

diagram of where you want to measure to

get the measurement so you want to do

your boss do you want to do they’ll ask

you for your cup size as well it’s a

completely normal and so you’ll do your

boss you cup you waist your hips and

also your height as well either in

centimeters or inches obviously check

what you’re getting your measurements in

and then and then if you need to you can

convert it on and Google it’s pretty


they’ll probably also tell you like

their minimum height requirements on

their website as well they’ll ask a lot

of questions as well just to get to know

you a little bit they’ll ask about

hobbies and stuff like that if you do

have a hobby that is amazing I feel like

everyone should have a knob hobby anyway

y’all gonna acting you take acting

classes or you’re at the gym a lot or

you do swimming ballet and yoga you do

horse riding

whatever your hobbies are less than

below they are gonna make you stand out

they’re gonna make you something

different to what they already have I’ve

been a million jobs and castings where

they want actors I’ve done Upton jobs

I’ve done dance well not dancing jobs

but um commercial jobs where I’ve had to

do being able to do a little dance and

stuff like that yes very like it’s

something that’s gonna add like a little

month to your application it’s gonna

make you stand out it’s gonna make them

think Oh like I actually had like a jock

man for a model that could swim and do

yoga Roger

gnostics or ballet or dance or sing or

act or you know like these requirements

do come in from clients and if you ask

someone that has the model fit the model

face and you can dance you can sing or

you can act that’s just something extra

and if you have hobbies like that I

would definitely definitely recommend

that you put them into the hobby section

and let them know like let them know

that there’s more to you than just a

pretty face you know like it’s always

important so I definitely suggest

writing some hobbies down and sometimes

I’ll also ask about your personality

you’ll say something like tell us a lot

bit about you say this is a time to

shine like this is the time to shine in

your application you want to promote

yourself you wanna the things that

you’re good at the thing that you enjoy

the things that you think will make you

a better model then put that in the

application let them know that you are

different you’re unique you have your

own hobbies you how you like you enjoy

things definitely add that in there so

the next is the pictures now this is not

Instagram this is not YouTube and the

picture quality has to be good now we

can get good quality pic quality

pictures from our iPhones we can get

them from like dear yes the SLR camera I

would say have an iPhone that is quite

up-to-date maybe like iPhone 11 – 11

iPhone 11 or like newer

cuz they do give up and really good

pictures or maybe your friend

your friend has it or you’re someone

around you might have a good iPhone

camera that you can borrow and get the

pictures off of but I definitely suggest

having good quality pictures these are

very important the pictures are very

important these are the things that are

gonna you know catch the Booker the

person that’s dealing with the

application form these are the things

that going to catch their eye that these

are the things are gonna determine

whether you can be a model or not so

make sure the pictures are clear make

sure that they’re good quality make sure

that you’re bearing good clothing with

correct clothing make sure you has right

make sure your skin is right make sure

your skin is looking

I do a skincare routine I have a

skincare routine on my channel but

there’s plenty of skincare routines out

there on YouTube do a face mask like

make sure everything is looking on point

like the pictures are important and I’ll

just talk about the pictures a little

bit for you guys obviously the good

quality camera doesn’t have to be a like

camera camera like YouTube camera but

like a good quality phone camera

probably not Android oh cool for me but

just good quality pictures okay when you

take the picture you want to make sure

whatever is behind you is clean you want

to make sure that you stand in against a

light wall a brick wall and something

that’s plain something that’s all one

shade something that’s not too it’s not

gonna take much from the picture

something that’s pretty much just play

you like even for me I wouldn’t stand

here I would stand like at a white wall

or I stand in front of my blinds because

it’s all one color also natural lighting

you don’t want to do it in like a dark

space you want it to be light and bright

I’m gonna leave some examples right here

for you guys to see these are the kinds

of pictures that you want you want them

to be bright you want them to be able to

see your face your skin so in terms of

hair I would say if you are a black

model if you are like me and you have

relaxed hair obviously I’m wearing a wig

right now but I would not suggest

wearing a wig for modeling just because

they’re very hard to make look natural

and the agents want to see your natural

beauty they want to see what you look

like naturally they want to see you

natural skin they want to see your

natural hair they want to see your

natural body in natural poses in terms

of hair if you’re a black model I’ll

always suggest if you have relaxed hair

that’s kind of shot like mine mine is

like shoulder length if you have

shoulder length relaxed hair I’d

definitely suggest leaking it back into

a lot of pony I’ll show you guys a

picture of what my hair looks like sleek

back into a pony and how I work the best

I literally work the best with that hair

like I don’t work with wigs I just like

to use wigs hair in there

because I don’t put heat on my hair and

it’s just it’s fun for me but in terms

of modeling it’s a no-no like it’s a

no-go I know there are a lot of models

out there black models out there that do

bad wigs and stuff but they’re having

their wigs professionally done like

unless you’re having your wigs done like

Naomi Campbell or by Naomi Campbell’s

hairstylist don’t bother with it because

these wigs are very difficult to make

look good on camera and I’m not talking

about iPhone camera or this camera I’m

talking about HD like TV commercial big

huge video camera movie cameras it’s not

gonna look natural it’s just not unless

you have someone a list stylist doing

your head and it’s just not gonna work

and also it’s better to go in there with

your natural self because that’s what

they want to see at the end of the day

and you’re probably be asked to take off

so might as well just don’t come with it

you have longer hair say your hair is

like oops hair are just a little bit

longer than shoulder length

I would suggest keeping it down for some

of the shots because you’ll be asked to

do a closer you’ll be asked to do a

profile which is basically when you turn

and look to the side you’ll also be

asked to do like a mid length and a long

shot so for the close-up if you have

long hair

I’d suggest and for some of the shots

anyway get in a ponytail and putting it

into a little bubble and that’s what

I’ve seen the girls have to do for

cousins in general anyway if they have

long hair they always get asked to put

it into a ponytail just because their

agent and the clients they want to see

your facial structure because it is

important and they want to see just they

just want to see you know definitely

suggest that as well but if you have say

for example you have natural natural

hair so you have a little afro and I

definitely suggest because it is

something that is unique it’s something

that’s different it’s not something that

a lot of models have most black models

have really short hair or they have it

like flat down to the bucs

but some girls also have their hair in

like little afros as well so if you have

natural hair there now to suggest

getting your after a while just because

it is something different if you can

also get it back into a lot of fun as

well while you’re getting your

pictures that was also good but if you

can’t then I think it’s fine because

also that’s pretty much off your face

anyway if you have like this type of

hair beverage sure or long and I

definitely suggest keeping the hair

pushed pushed behind the ears

another thing is no makeup and I know I

do have a video on my channel no makeup

makeup look for models but I would

suggest that more for castings rather

than these pictures these pictures are

different the agency here wants to see

you natural it is a possibility if you

do wear makeup to these things say you

get a callback and you wear a makeup on

the pictures and you get a callback they

will give you a makeup wipe and ask you

to take it off so let’s just not have

that drama and take the pictures without

makeup if you feel comfortable I’ll

definitely say though if you do not feel

comfortable in your own skin modeling is

not a job for you like I just want to be

completely honest completely transparent

if you’re not comfortable in your own

skin if you’re not comfortable taking a

MegaPath not wearing wigs modeling is

not for you like modeling is just it’s a

call right that you need to be confident

in your own skin and agencies are gonna

see that clients are gonna see that and

that’s what’s gonna book you the job so

you need to be confident over important

thing are the clothes that you’re

wearing in these pictures I get let me

just put this out there please do not

send these agencies pictures in your


like we’re not doing that mm Tony I get

so many questions of girls asking me is

it okay for me to send these pictures

and they send me like pictures of them

in that wonder where no it’s not first

of all it’s that is not a Polaroid

picture that’s an Instagram picture

second of all you don’t want to you

don’t want to give them that although

clothing shouldn’t be that should what

like shouldn’t be a representation of

you like your your your own

representation of you but like do not

send these agencies pictures in your

underwear bikinis no underwear no put on

clothes like you don’t know these

receiving these pictures you don’t know

like what they’re gonna do with the

picture so make sure that you’re clothed

please girls and guys like I get this

question a lot so I want to put it out

there and I want to tell you know it’s

not okay don’t do that don’t do that

so for the clothes I would always you

guys know my wallet oh by now I wear

black eye it’s just what I like she’s

what I feel more comfortable in just

like my goal to pretty much everything

in my wardrobe is black most of the

things in my wardrobe are black anyway

so I just wear black either a black or

white top whether it’s a vest top

whether it’s a long sleeve top like this

this is also fine and but something like

this body suits are great even if it’s

the best top of a tank top whatever you

guys call it or t-shirt long-sleeved

I’ll definitely suggest for wearing a

t-shirt just because they want to see

don’t want to see all your skin what

they want to see some skin they want to

see the shape of your art they want to

see your your frame basically and so I

would suggest wearing like a t-shirt or

a body suit or t-shirt body sue that

would be great as well for the pants

jeans leggings shorts and also Eva black

or white or blue for denim jeans for the

jeans if you do decide to wear jeans

don’t wear up jeans and this is just

something that is just advice that I

personally got from my agencies in the

past as well not to wear ripped jeans to

customs and stuff just because it does

look even though modeling isn’t

modelling cousins aren’t really

professional it does look a little bit


fashioned all and a little bit I don’t

know what the word is safe our model in

for customs but these Polaroids for open

calls and so you don’t know where rip

dreams you want to look presentable even

though it’s very casual you still want

to look clean and put together also you

can wear like leather pants but like

tight leather pants leather pants jeans

that’s a nice look as well I’m gonna

throw some like polaroid pictures that i

think a god on here also suggest for the

polaroid pictures you guys check how

model Polaroids it’s an Instagram page

I’ll leave them links below as well and

this is basically like the perfect

Polaroids by models who assign and that

work well so to basically do what

they’re doing

oh also the pose in you don’t need to

pose for these pictures anyways but when

you sign with an agency and you start

taking like different Polaroids better

Polaroids and they’ll probably like put

you in poses themselves but in terms of

so when I stand straight look into the

lens no smiling no laughing just turn

and take all the pictures that you need

to take no hands on the head this is an

Instagram you’ll need to be doing any of

that just literally straight picture

take the picture to take the picture

once you’ve done that you’re pretty much

all ready to send your application form

off to the agency after you’ve set these

applications off do not stress do not

sit there and keep clicking checking

your emails wondering when are they

getting back to you just send the

applications go off about your day

forget about it if you get a call back

if you get an email that’s great if not

apply to new agencies try again maybe do

something else with your look get a cock

you know maybe try something else with

your look well it’s not the end of the

world you can always send different

applications to different agencies as

well so but yeah that’s pretty much it

for this video also if you do end up

getting a car back congratulations

you’re on your journey to becoming a

fashion model if you’re underage make

sure that you are being safe make sure

you bring in a guardian or a

with you if you’re underage if you’re

not underage make sure you’re letting

someone know where you’re going and

keeping your Maps on or like your

location on making sure that you know

when you go in and usually as well just

to keep in mind if say you’ve applied to

an agency in the passage to come down

usually the agency will ask you to go

and the agent will ask you to go in and

meet them at the agency so make sure you

go and check the location and everything

make sure that the location is added up

to where the agency’s location is and if

it’s not if they’re asking you to meet

them are a random I don’t know random

place random cafe or something like that

make sure that you call the agency

yourself and double-check make sure that

it’s legit make sure that you are

meeting the right people be safe

do not trust anyone if they’re asking

you to meet them outside the agency it

could be a mother it could be a model

agent even make sure you call the agency

and you know double-check ask them if

this is the right thing to do ask them

like if this is like legit make sure you

double check before you just go and get

on your jolly way you know just make

sure that you say make sure someone

knows where you’re going and be relaxed

have my camera actually just died thank

you guys so much for watching up I know

this video was super super long but and

I’m gonna try and make like more get to

the point videos up in terms of these

modeling videos as well so I’m not all

of them are gonna be hella long but this

one M was just a bit of an intro and I

wanted to get all the information out

there for you guys as well so I hope

that these tips do help someone at least

don’t forget to give me a thumbs up and

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I’m gonna fix that situation at some

point thank you guys so much for

watching and I’ll see you guys in my

next video


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