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Status, Roles And Definitions Of A Sales Manager (Quick guide)

Status or roles of a manager
(Last Updated On: June 25, 2019)

Here’s a 3-minute read on the definition of a sales manager and status or roles  of a sales manager explained.

The status of a sales manager simply means the position of a sales manager. In essence it simply refers to the functions or roles of a sales manager (It’s still the same thing).

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Therefore when faced with a question like this…

Critically discuss the status of a sales manager


What is the status of a sales manager in an organization?

They are simply asking you to explain the roles of a sales manager in a firm.

Therefore, here’s an ideal way to present your answer or to explain to them…

First off, let them know the definition of a sales manager.

Sales Manager Definition

Status or roles of a manager

Who is a sales manager?

A sales manager can be defined as an individual or a person who is involved in the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of salesmen or personnel into achieving sales goals in an organization.

After that, you can now proceed to the status of a sales manager in this or similar format.

The following are what the status (position) of a manager entails in details.

1) Planning of selling / sales activities.

Before assigning salesmen to territories or to the location of the target audience to perform selling activities; a sales manager plans to ensures the aims and objectives of the organization is spot on. And strategic methods to go about achieving them are well understood by the sales force.

2) Direction of salesmen

This implies that the sales manager position in the company see to it that sales activities or task are performed by sales personnel without interruption. In essence it’s the duty of the sales manager to make sure everything goes on smoothly.

3) Organizing

The sales manager also make sure salesmen with unique attributes (different character) are assigned to territories with similar clients they can handle. During sales training, a few things are gathered or rather discovered about the sales personnel. This helps the manager clarifies responsibilities by placing at different territories they are capable of handling.

4) Control sales force

One of the key attribute of a sales manager is to be able to command respect from subordinates. And having that great quality enables a sales manager to perform the function of influencing the sales to doing things as at when due.

5) Above all, the sales manager steers the wheels of sales in an organization.


I would like to mention that the status (position) of a sales manager depends hugely on the size of an organization. In small firms, the managing director or the general managers are likely to perform the duties of the sales manager.


In big organizations or firms, there’s is a separate post of a sales manager who is appointed by top management.

In addition, other names used instead or as substitute to sales managers are sales directors, sales executives, and marketing executives.

So that’s it on the meaning or sales manager definition and the status or roles of a sales manager.

More information will be added when gotten in due time. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share if found informative.


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