Sources of recruitment: internal and external sources

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It’s no news you’ll need employees to successfully run a business or organization. This is mainly for the company’s continuous growth and progress.

At this point the internal and external recruitment methods comes in handy to be adopted.

personally I think recruiting an individual to fill up a vacant post or space in an organization via internal or external recruitment methods is quiet easy. However, that’s if your are not really looking out for the best result though. lol

Remember, nothing good comes easy

Getting qualified employees isn’t something that will come very easy.

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The growth of an organization depends on it employees
Because an organization is like a product. A product produced by inexperienced and lazy manufacturers will come out badly or of low quality for sure.

It’s the same as starting a new business like a barbershop with inexperienced barbers. Because they won’t be able to deliver a good haircut, you’ll surely lack customers and fold up eventually.

Ever wondered why the Apple gadgets are always top notch? well you guessed right… quality producers (workers); that’s the secret right there.

Therefore an organization needs quality employees to be a success. simple and short.

How does an organization then get quality employees?

What method does she take to convince them into signing for the organization?

keep reading to find out…

Arguably one of the most important task of an employer is looking out for eligible candidates. Candidates with top qualities in terms of job experience, personality, lifestyle etc; And these candidates must be willing and able to perform available tasks in other to inform them about vacancies available in the organization.

You can decide to recruit new employees from within the company (internal recruitment) or outside the organization (external recruitment) .

Using the internal recruitment or external methods of recruitment doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is to get the right manpower for the vacant position.

For example, As a business owner,
let’s assume you lost one of your finest employee to retirement.
Could be a manager, an accountant, a marketer or even a cleaner.

It came as surprised when Mr Micheal a very active employee with good communication skills amongst many other qualities called and said;

Hello sir, my retirement party is next week. I just wanted you to know.

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You need to get a replacement right? I thought has much…

That leads us to the ways you can get a new and perfect employee(s) replacement.
How do you do this?

keep reading…

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Perhaps you could get a cup of coffee and continue reading this very detailed article.

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Sources of recruitment: internal and external sources [complete guide]

Firstly, let me begin by sharing the meaning or definition of recruitment.

What Is Recruitment?

Definitions Of Recruitment

  1. Recruitment refers to the process or art of attracting and appointing suitable and eligible candidate for a particular job or task to work within an organization.
  2. Recruitment might involve shortlisting suitable candidate, persuading them to take up a particular role or job in an organization or enterprise.
  3. Recruitment can further be defined as the searching and convincing, encouraging suitable employees / manpower to apply for jobs in an organization.

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The sources of recruitment refers to the ways or methods in which suitable employees within OR outside the organization can be attracted and appointed.

Its classified into two (2) main categories

  1. Internal sources
  2. External sources

Internal sources of recruitment.

It refers to all forms of recruitment done within the organization.

For Example, let’s say Mr Adams got a better job offer abroad due to his hard work, dedication and consistency.

He then left his current position as a manager of entlifeonline and off he goes to start his newly found career with better pay.

As a result of Mr Adams leaving his position for a better one abroad, the board then contacted another employee called Mr Bassi to take up the vacant position left by Mr Adams, because he was qualified.

Now that’s an example of an internal sources of recruitment. Why? Because the board appointed a new manager by contacting Mr Bassi to take up the post left by Mr Adams.

They could have looked beyond the shores of their company by putting up a vacancy sign board for the position of a manager but they didn’t; They instead asked a suitable employee to assume the position.

Note: The board got the employee (Mr bassinet) within organization not outside. Therefore that’s an example of an internal method of recruitment.

Which of the following is an internal source of recruitment?

Below are the internal sources of recruitment you should know.

  • Promotions : (Easy and Simple).

It simply means to upgrade an employee who’s skilled and competent to a higher level in an or within an organization.

For example, Let’s assume the position of Mr Bassi was a secretary and that of Mr Adams was a general manager.

Mr Adams left his position has a general manager (G.M) with a monthly salary of $250,000 to pursue a new found career abroad.

After some time, the board contacted Mr Bassi to assume the post left by Mr Adams. Automatically Mr Bassi becomes the general manager with a monthly salary of $250,000 and resumes or continues the responsibilities left by Mr Adams.

Now that’s promotion right there. Moving from a secretary to a general manager.

  • Demotions

Downgrading an employee to a vacant lower position in an organization due to decrease in performances or very low level of work rate.


lets assume due to low level performances which has led to the decrease in productivity and sales, the board has decided to downgrade (lower) the position of Mr Bassi.

Because Mr Bassi hasn’t been up to the standard of performance left by Mr Adams, Mr Bassi will therefore vacate the position of the General manager and resume back his former post as the secretary of this organization.

That’s demotion right there. Nobody wants that.

In summary, demotion is actually lowering an employee position within an organization. In situations whereby an employee left due to some reasons, be it known or unknown, the company may have to assign some else to fill the vacant position.

  • Transfers

Transfers refers to the process of changing the location of an employee to an entirely different location.

In essence, when an employee is asked to move from one company branch to another to perform same or similar duties as in the previous branch, that’s transfer.

NOTE: Transfers of employees occurs without a change in duties or work loads done at the previous location. It simply means that the employees involved or victims of transfers won’t be changing the type of task or duties done at their former location or work place.

Example; Bankers, Soldiers, Doctors etc. They often undergo transfer to perform same duties as it were or was at the former location.
A soldier will always protect lives and properties where ever he goes.

A dentist won’t forfeit his primary duty of attending to patients with tooth issues. Be it in the United States or Nigeria, a dentist duty won’t change.

  • Internal advertisement:

very possible.

Advertising is all about creating awareness or providing information about something, primarily a product.

In this instance, it’s often not about a product. It’s perhaps providing information about the company within the company; in that wise, its still creating awareness.

A poster can be created and posted on the notice board of the company where information concerning a vacant post which needs to be occupied, can be seen.

The information contained in the poster will enable qualified workers to apply for the vacant position because it will contain the necessary requirements needed.

  • Employees information

This is another source or method of recruitment whereby the employees of the organization with the backing of the board or management, recommends a well known suitable candidate for a vacant position in the company.

The employee is therefore responsible for his candidate behaviour, experience, work rate and will be held responsible if any fault shows up from him at any point in time.

True life story …Way back in 2011, A certain Mr George recommended his roommate for a vacant position as a bank manager.

A few years later, Mr George roommate reportedly dropped his bag to quickly get something in his office and when he got back mistook someone else’s for his.

According to reports, the bag contained a whooping #50,000,000 naira and that entering his car was the last time anyone saw him.

Mr George got into big trouble due to that act or incident done by his room mate.

Aside the usual rumours. No concrete information
on what happened to the referral Mr George.

  • Retired employees

A retired employee is someone who has stopped working because he/she has reached a pensionable age.

The maximum age limit for serving in order to be due for pension is 35 years in most countries e.g Nigeria, can’t guarantee all.

How does a retired employees serve as sources of recruitment internally?

For example, lets say Mr Danny was an electrical engineer; having served in the military for 35 years, the division where his skills as a good electrical engineer was well known developed power issues. All efforts by the current employees has proved abortive in getting to fix the issue.

The division then contacted Mr Danny to come and help rectify the issue. With pride and dignity, he came down and helped them out.

Mr Danny was asked to stay for a while in other to lecture in the area of specialization, a few serving personnel on how to go about such issues in the future.

Note: This is one out of the many internal sources of recruitment which is often on a short period of time.

  • Recall back

When an organization reduce or cut short the leave (Days off work, it could be short or long leave) granted to an employee due to emergency or any other important reason.

How is recall back back a way of internal recruitment method?

Based on my own view.
Basically when someone is on leave. the person is more or less jobless.


Because as at that time such individual isn’t doing anything work related. The individual is therefore free to do whatever pleases him.
Recalling back is more like re-recruiting an individual that ought to be free of recruitment duties as at that time.

Lemme try and convince you…

let assume entlifeonline granted Mr Paulie (an employee) 2 months leave to Russia for the 2018 World Cup.

After two weeks he was recalled due to drawbacks in the marketing activities of the company.

Now he ought to be free of work for 2 months right? but unfortunately for him, his break was cut short just after two weeks. For me he was re-recruited.

Was I able to convince you on recall back recruitment?… You can share your personal view via the comment section of this blog.

Advantages of Internal Sources Of Recruitment.

Below are the merits of internal methods of recruitment which occurs due to employing individuals within an organization.

  • Eliminates monotony

Monotony occurs in an organization due to repetition of labour.

An employee is prone to boredom when the employees consistently focuses on a particular job as it could be frustrating.

Internal sources of recruitment could serve as a solution to monotony in terms of promotion(s) (upgrading the level of an employee to a higher level).

Promotion enables an employee to change duties in the company which automatically changes the focus of the employee into doing something different entirely.

Like the case of Mr Bassi, whom the board promoted from a secretary to a General Manager. Mr Bassi will now look forward to New duties as a general manager, solving his monotony as a secretary.

  • It Helps in motivating employees. (using promotion as a case study)

When you promote an employee to a higher level in an organization, like from secretary to an accountant. It helps in motivating the employee into working hard so as to gain more promotions in the future.

Promotion motivates other employees or Co-worker to work hard in other to be promoted when such an opportunity arises in the company.

They tend to put more effort into their jobs so as to get recognized which will open doors for a higher level.

  • It reduce cost

Looking out (outside the organization) to get an employee to fill in a post in an organization, the company will have to spend money on creating awareness which is advertising.

The type of advertising to be adopted is left for the organization to decide but will sure cost more compared to looking in (within the organization) for an employee who is capable of handling the vacant position. Using employees information as a case study.

Needing a new recruit? E.g A gatekeeper. All the company have to do is Inform the current employees of the vacant position of a gate keeper.

With no money paid to the employees; Any employee with interested candidates can present such candidates to the organization for recruitment.

Employees information is one of the best sources of recruitment due to its little or no cost in terms of creating awareness.

  • It reduces executive turnover

High executive turnover within an organization may lead to unsettlement.

Employees will give their all when they are fully confident of their job security. High turnover leads to low morale amongst employees in an organization most especially those in which the turnovers occurred more in their department.

Recruitments that are done internally reduces turnovers and improve the morale if employees. It enable them to work harder in other to attain higher level or position in the organization.

  • It enables competition:

Recruitment done internally in an organization annually would enable fierce competition between employees.

With a promotion or demotion up for grabs at the end of the year, employees of a company are most likely to give in their best. This is in other to gain promotion or maintain their current level or position. A lot of hard work would be put towards avoiding being demoted by the organization. Nobody wants to be demoted.

Disadvantages of internal sources of recruitment

  • It prevents new entries, ideas etc

Recruitment done or carried out within the organization prevents it from having new, fresh, eligible candidate (employees).

New employees brings new skills, more dynamic way of solving issues, more efficiency, innovative ideas, and fresh thinking. An organization that lacks the following won’t be far far off from hitting the rocks.

  • Irrelevant vacancies

In case of promotion, or in a situation whereby an employee is promoted or transferred, the previous posts will be left vacant.

  • Many work loads.

How is this a bottleneck on the internal sources of recruitment?

The company may need to over work an employee by making sure the employee focus on the vacant position in the organization while doing his primary job. And this will definitely lead to high work rate. High work rate may further lead to low output due to excessive work loads.

Sources of recruitment; The internal and external sources [complete guide]

Sources of recruitment internal and external sources
Sources of recruitment

Which of the following is an external source of recruitment?



First of, external recruitment methods is the opposite of internal sources of recruitment.

External recruitment methods refers to ways or methods adopted by the organization into getting skilled manpower outside the organization to apply for job

In essence, all strategies adopted by a company or business owner to get the required manpower(s) from outside the company can be seen as external methods of recruitment or external sources of recruitment.

Below are the external sources of recruitment you should know with examples, advantages and disadvantages.

  • ‌Public advertisement

It’s the most common sources of recruitment.
as said earlier the primary purpose of an advert is to create awareness.

In the case of organizations advertising due to vacancy, the company tend to give or let the general public know of their desire to appoint new employees and also let loose of a few information about themselves help interested audience identify the sponsor of the advertisement.

Newspapers, magazines, internet etc are used to advertise and information on job requirements also made known by the company to the general public.

  • Recommendation

(Information method) It’s one of the cheap ways or sources of recruitment. It’s a recruitment process which is done based on information from friends, neighbors out the company. Recommendations mostly done and accepted especially from high profile existing employees.

Backed by the management of the company, existing employees tend to accept applications or offers from job applicants who are well know to them.

  • Private agency:

Private agency refers to set of agencies that help to recruit manpower(s) for organizations / business owners when necessary.

The firm is established with the aim of recruiting or getting jobs for individuals when there is a vacancy in any organization they are linked or in connection with.


Vconnect for Business
You no longer have labour to look for customers who need your service, they will bring the customers to you..

All you have to do is ‘Be There.

This is how you go about it.

visit to register
Provide your business details

Connect with customers who need you service, that’s all.

  • Schools (institution)

School (college), refers to one of the external sources of recruitment  used by companies or business owner to get employees for low vacant positions available in their organization.

Therefore with a strong link between the organization and the college, the institution presents her best final year students to the organization. The company now interview and recruit knowledgeable one’s despite their inexperience to help them gain some.

For example, let’s say the best graduating programming students of Harvard University where presented to Apple Inc. This is for them to help developed applications for the new iPhone and gain real experience on iOS development.

  • Government employment agency

It refers to the direct recruitment from people that work on behalf of government to recruit people for a particular job.
In cases of road construction contract; certain person who work on behalf of the government take it upon themselves to mobilize workers or labourers for the road construction.

Advantages of external sources of recruitment.

Below are some of the positive reasons external recruitment methods which involves getting required workers form outside the organization is a good idea.

  • It gives room for new blood

Unlike internal sources of recruitment, external recruitment methods does give room for new employees who will bring new skills, ideas to improve the company in Various aspect.

For example, when you recruit an individual with 7 – 10 years experience from another company, he or she will definitely come in with ideas that works, gained from his or her previous job. Based on experience, such an individual is likely to suggest faster ways to solve problems in the organization .

  • It discourages partiality

When recruiting externally the company tend to take time to carefully analyze applicants qualifications based on their requirements for the job.

Any candidate who does no meet the minimum requirements needed by the company will screened out.

  • large number of suitable candidates:

When recruiting using external sources recruitment, there are likely to be large numbers in turnout of applicants. The company therefore now have the opportunity to get the best available manpower after selection process.

Disadvantages of external sources of recruitment

  • Expensive:

Getting employee from outside the organization is very expensive.

This is because the company will have to spend money on creating awareness. Therefore an advert has to made to create the awareness and it’s always in a paid form, usually identified by a sponsor.

However the interviews arranged by employers to get the right candidates that suits the vacant position will be useless if an eligible candidate is not found. Because of that, the interview processes will have to be repeated or carried out again and again until the right or appropriate manpower is found and recruited.

Though running adverts is expensive, it’s also worth mention that it’s the one of the most effective and common ways or sources of recruitment.

  • Lack of cooperation

Because of high competition, the new employees and the old ones may not work hand in hand. This could be due to the fact that the latter must have felt some of the positions occupied by the new entries should be theirs, most especially if it’s higher position.

For example, let’s say instead of promoting Mr Bassi (a secretary with the qualifications of a manager) to the vacant position of a manager, the board then hired a new qualified candidate from outside the company to take up the post. The secretary in the person of Mr bassi may feel cheated due to his qualifications and may be reluctant to help the new manager work perfectly.

Final Words

Like is said earlier, having the right employees is the aim. Therefore either you adopt the internal or external sources of recruitment, just make sure the person you’re hiring is capable of handling the post.

Anytime you’re looking to reduce recruitment cost and stress, internal recruitment methods is always a good choice. And when you feel your business is in need of fresh ideas to move to the next level, external recruitment methods is best to leverage.

Employees play a major role in the success or failure of a business. Sometimes there’s need for you organize seminars to motivate them in other for them to give their all. Don’t forget to pay wages or salaries in time and give bonuses when needed.

Lastly, check out and know the factors to consider before hiring an employee to avoid being sued. And don’t be sentimental when or while recruiting. For example, If your cousin or sister isn’t the qualified person for the post don’t hire.

That’s all from my end on this topic.

But in the main time, which internal or external recruitment methods has worked for you? Or which sources of recruitment are you considering next for your business or organization?

You can share your views or via the comment section below.

Thanks for reading…

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