15 things you need to start a successful tailoring business

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In this article, you’re going to learn the 15 Things You Need to Start a tailoring Business on your own in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, United States, United Kingdom etc.

Starting your own tailoring  business requires a lot of preparation. The biggest part of the preparation is gathering the essential things that make your business run efficiently and smoothly.

Some people think that a sewing or tailoring business needs only a sewing machine, some fabrics, and the person who will be doing the actual sewing to take off.

In reality, that much isn’t enough for making small alterations to your own wardrobe, let alone fulfilling a customer’s demands.

Let’s check out what you really need if you wish to start a successful tailoring business.

…before that, allow me let you in on some key abilities needed to start this business.

Abilities needed to start a successful tailoring business

  1. Good sewing skill

Having a very good sewing / tailoring kill is very essential. If don’t know how to sew yet,  you can actually learn the skill. Start by going in search of a very good sewing of fashion Institute you can learn the skill from.

Because it’s only a good teacher that can make a good student,  ensure you conduct an in depth research to know if the institute you intend to learn is capable enough…

Another way to gather vital information  is by asking for contact details of past students. Reach out to the student if necessary and allow them share their thoughts on the institute.

      2. Familiarity with designs and fabrics.

As a tailor, this ability is needed mainly for personal improvement and recommendation purpose.

Customers may approach you to recommend or help them get some fabrics from the market to make cloths or for other reason (like to gift someone ). You should be able to deliver quality fabrics / recommend a few to avoid misunderstandings between you and your customers.

When a customer offers you cash to help him / her get something related to your profession, it’s because he/she trust you to deliver the best and you shouldn’t disappoint.

     3. Book – keeping and basic organizations

The idea here is pretty simple… Just ensure you know how to keep track of your finances.

A good financial record will help you know your income and expenditure. And will also help you determine the amount to set aside for other expenses which may include equipment maintenance, Texas and levies etc.

Please don’t underestimate the important of keeping records as its very to the success of every business not just a tailoring business — i.e viewing center business .


Basic Things You Need to Start a tailoring Business.

Seamstress sewing business

Business plan

business plan has two primary purposes. First, and foremost, it should be used to help run your company with a more cohesive vision. It is your roadmap. By truly analyzing your plan for marketing, sales, manufacturing, website design, etc., you greatly improve your chances for success.


Alongside a sewing machine and adequate fabrics, workspace can be considered as one of the most important foundations for a sewing business. If you have all of the tools but don’t have a place where you can use them, you might as well have nothing at all.
Ideally, you would want a separate room to conduct your sewing  work in. You could put some tool cabinets and material storage boxes there, together with a work table and a sewing machine. If you can’t dedicate an entire room to your to start your tailoring business, at least find yourself a wide table to work on – pending you get a better place.


You need to be precise when you’re taking measurements, so you have to have various measuring devices. A small ruler not longer than eight inches is useful for measuring cuffs or hems. Long, clear plastic ruler is good for measuring fabric, while a long metal ruler comes in handy when using a rotary wheel. You should also have a measuring tape in your arsenal, at least 72 inches long.

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Cutting tools

Cutting fabric would be pretty difficult without these, obviously. Three kinds of scissors should be enough for any kind of work. Large ones for cutting heavy fabric, pinking shears for taking care of fraying edges, and embroidery scissors for precision work.

Pins and needles

Sometimes you need the fabric to stay folded, other times you want two pieces of it to remain connected so that you can stitch them together. Pins exist to help you with that.
To stitch and sew you need adequate needles. Whether you intend to do some work by hand or with a sewing machine, you won’t be able to do anything without the little pointy fellas.

Iron and an ironing board

Having this equipment is key to starting a tailoring Business; and this is because all professional sewists always iron their work as they sew. This ensures that no bulky parts or bits appear and that the overall product looks tidier. The iron you’ll be using should boast good steam capacity so that you can iron faster. It should also be light in weight because you will pick it up often and you don’t want to get tired after just five minutes of ironing.
When choosing an ironing board, make sure that it’s compatible with your height. Ironing at elbow height is ideal because it doesn’t make you hunch over and feel back pain due to bad posture.


This machine is a must have for all sewing business owners. A good serger such as these in this article allows you to give your creations that finishing touch with perfect edges. This gives your products that professional look, as if the garment has been made by a famous brand of high quality.

Business supplies

You will be running a business after all, so you need to have some business supplies at your disposal. Pens and papers come first, because you need them to draw your designs or write up some ideas that come to your mind. Business cards with your contact information and some pamphlets with advertising content like pictures of your creations are great to have around. When you meet a potential customer, just hand these out to them and let them decide what they want you to make for them. You might also want to have some refreshments in your office for those long tryout sessions with your customers. Last but not least, make sure your business is as eco-friendly as possible – it will set you apart in the world of the fast fashion and will help you gain devoted loyal customers who share your values.

Other equipments needed to start a tailoring Business are


Needed for customers to test cloths and maybe recommend adjustments where necessary.

Sewing machine

Weaving machine

….you also need some equipments needed to make up clothes like



gum stain

colour stain

With this you are ready to start a tailoring business on your own. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Good luck with your entrepreneurship!



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