Why Can’t You Start That Business Now?

Many years ago, I had lots of business ideas that have the potentiality of making me a millionaire. The burning desire to start was consuming but the hurdles of life were killing that dream. They were like thorns, filling the path I was made to walk upon. Time was an adversary, money, and support too was lacking. ‘If only I can just hit millions, I will start this business right away.’ I had told myself, trying to feel better.

Sometimes I will just resign to whatever’s in control. If heaven wants me to start this business, it will send down some huge money. If It didn’t, then it’s not my fault. I tried every trick just to console myself and feel better. But over time, that consolation was losing its effect. It was like a drug my system has grown immune to. No matter how much I try to justify my inability to make my dream a reality, I end up feeling miserable.

A lot of things can hamper our dreams from taking shape. It could be financed, maybe because we don’t have much time. It could be because we’re trying to know more about the business. It’s totally normal. But if it takes more time than necessary, it becomes a real issue and you are the cause.

In today’s article, I’m going to disclose three (3) main factors why many are yet to start their dream business. Not only am I going to show them, but I’m also going to offer a practical solution that’s capable of rolling that roadblock away. Are you ready? Let’s roll… YAY!



No finance?

This is the king of them all and because of that, I’m going to tackle it first. This hideous monster took years out of my business. A business I was supposed to kick off immediately, this factor made me kick off five years later. That was when almost all the excitement and ambition has evaporated like the morning dew. But because a single passion still exists, I was able to pull through. Now, you don’t need to allow this monster to take its toll on you.

Is there a business you need to start but can’t because of finance? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Statistics have it that over 80% of entrepreneurs were once in this rut. The difference however Is how you tackle it. The duration of this monster lies in how burning your passion is for that business. If it’s so overwhelming, there’s a chance you won’t dwell in it for long cause you’ll strive to break loose. Allow me to quote Martin Luther King;

‘If you have not discovered a dream you can die for, you’re not fit to live.’

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The intensity of that passion makes a lot of difference, it can make you act wild and take charge. It gears you into seeking a solution and not sitting on the couch, bemoaning the fact that you’ve no money.


There’s a saying that says that a problem known is half solved. So if finance was the reason that business hasn’t taken a shape, then you’ve walked half the road. Now think of ways to get money. Below are the options you can explore.

START SAVING – Despite how hard this might sound, if you’re serious about starting that business, then discipline yourself and start saving. Start saving for your future, start saving for your generation. Save for that business. If it entails cutting down on expenses, so be it. The future is more important.

WORK FOR MONEY – There’s a time in life you need to work for money and not allow money to work for you. This is the time you turn in yourself as a slave just to be a master tomorrow. If there’s a job around that can help get you some money… Engage immediately. No matter how degrading or shameful. The truth is you have a vision and you’re working for it.

SEEK SUPPORT – This could be from family members or friends. It could even be from the government or non-government foundations that aims at lifting prospective entrepreneurs into starting their own businesses. Don’t be shy to seek support. Even if it means paying back later.

There’s no magic in getting the required finance for that business. Stand up and start working for it. It won’t fly into your pocket with your arms fold all day. You have to get up and work for it.


Not the right time?

Hundreds, or maybe thousands of people have millions in their accounts and yet, they feel the time isn’t right for that business. Year to year, they still can’t convince themselves that it’s time. They want to plow in the money when the soil is at its best, not knowing they are living in an illusion. Now, if they can take a little time and look within, they will be puzzled cause the problem isn’t starting at the right time, it is the fear of risk. The fear of losing that money. The fear of uncertainty.

Many people are in this doldrums now and funny enough, they don’t really know the trigger of their inability to start that business. They have lied to themselves several times that they start to believe it.

You might say, ‘Henry, what if I lose that money? ‘What if the business fails? ‘

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Well, anything can happen. You can fail, you can also succeed. But if you’re not ready to take a risk, then you’re taking the greatest risk of your life. Life equals risk. If you can’t take it, then you’ve no life. Bill Clinton said, ‘Life is full of challenges, but there are even more opportunities. In every failure, there’s always an opportunity to rise even higher. Take a closer look at great men and women who will never be forgotten. One thing is evident, they were successful failures.

I think it’s time to stop planning and start taking action. Time to conquer the fear of failure. The good thing is, you must not invest all. Just start small and monitor growth.

3. NO TIME –

No time?

I know lots of undergraduates who have a billion-dollar vision but because of the restriction that comes with higher learning, they were unable to start. No wonder some great entrepreneurs dropped out of school. Another category is employees working for a private or government-owned organization. They have the money and business idea, but because of how demanding their job is, we’re also unable to start. Sometimes it could be caused by family responsibilities. Whatever it is, it’s still not enough to stop that dream.


That which you love beyond all rationality could be your purpose in life. Allowing external factors to grip that dream by the neck is uncalled for. If kicking forth will warrant matching on toes, please go ahead. I’m not saying you should cause any problem or be violent. All I’m saying is that you should tackle every hindrance and be done with it.

As a student with great ambition, setting aside one hour every day can be a great start. Don’t tell me you’ve classes from 8 am till 6 pm. If you’re serious about your dream, you’ll stay awake all night just to see it fulfilled. It’s time to stop postponing.

Actually, procrastination is another word for ‘I don’t care.’ See, if I was to give away N100,000 to ENT readers by 12 midnight today, will you love to miss it? Y­ou’ll certainly stay on this blog till then. You’d be surprised how sleep will just vanish from you. Get serious with that business, time might not be your problem, you might be.


Lots of things can hamper our dreams from taking shape, but it all lies in us. Are we going to allow them or are we going to tackle them? Are we going to flush them out and be done with it? It all lies with us. Tell me, what is your current challenge? What’s stopping that business

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