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    I am writing this with no clothes on.​

    I want to say stuff I shouldn’t say in public without being paid.​

    I will start my story from the end.​

    Then I will tell you the middle.​

    And end with the beginning.​

    The end.​

    “If you don’t want to beg for food in the coming months, then join ABPM now that you still have the enrollment fee in your account.”​

    And here is the link:​

    The middle.​

    Let’s say I don’t have any money at all, and I wish to start making money online, here is what I will do.​

    I will focus on the “middle man business”.​

    Arbitrage; profiting from “price” difference.​

    I looked for a seller, I looked for a buyer, and I am the middle man.​

    Hello my broke newbie bestie, try this.​

    Post this in an FB group.​

    “I need FB accounts”.​

    And wait for people to contact you.​

    When they contact you, negotiate the price, go for a bargain.​

    When you reach an agreement, tell the seller that you will get back to them in 48hrs.​

    Get their phone number.​

    Then, immediately go and post this on your wall or in another group.​

    Post:” Fb Account for sale. Very Affordable”​

    Buyers will contact you.​

    Focus on the buyer that agrees to pay the highest price.​

    Ask him or her if they are ready to pay now.​

    If they say yes, then quickly call the seller.​

    The buyer pays you; then, you pay the seller.​

    Fb Account changes hands.​

    You keep the price difference.​

    This is just one example.​

    This will be my first choice for generating cash flow.​


    And it works.​

    Why do I need the cash flow?​

    It is to pay a mentor.​

    Someone who has track records.​

    Someone who is getting the type of results that I want to get.​

    I will submit to his or his mentorship.​

    I will ask a lot of questions and be an implementer.​

    This will be my shortcut to success.​

    The Beginning.​

    Good morning Mr. Tony. Please, I just want to ask a question. ​

    Let’s assume you have nothing to your name except #1,500 and a 40% knowledge on writing sales letters, what would you do to raise capital?​

    Goodnews Hilary asked the question.​

    I am done. ​

    I have put on my clothes.​

    Tony Fotizo​

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    Do you need a loan?​

    No collateral.​

    Zero-interest rate.​

    But you will have to pay us back in not more than three months.​

    Are you interested?​

    Let me guess.​

    You are not just interested...​

    The truth are over interested.​

    And why's that?​

    I'll make another guess.​

    I feel it's because such an offer makes so much sense and it feels like a God sent proposal.​

    But what if I told you that there is something far better than this type of zero-interest loan.​

    What if I showed you how to......"get a lifetime monthly salary"​

    Literally speaking, I mean, ​ f r e e cash that lands in your bank account every single month unfailingly.​

    This might sound impossible.​


    It might sound really confusing.​

    Does f r e e salary exist anywhere?​

    Yes it does​

    And after you watch this video it will become perfectly clear.​

    The video is here:​ ​ <= click it.​

    Tony Fotizo​

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    • Hilary Promise HP Father i respect your grace Sir. You are really a god in this field of yours
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    "Hell Got a Twin"​

    Hi my online G.​

    Have you enrolled for ABPM yet?​

    If not, why, why, why?​


    Don't tell me it is money that is stopping ​ you.​

    Why did I say so?​

    Well, it is because if you truly KNOW what the ABPM can ​ do for you, then, you will NEVER allow anything stop you from getting into this program​

    I mean it.​

    Even if you are paying N250k for this program, you will make that money back in at most a few ​ months.​


    after that, you will keep making MORE money every month, year after year, non-stop.​

    You can sit idle, ​ crossing your legs, watching tv every day and still, at the end of each month, money will find its way to your account.​


    ...we are not talking about small money like N5k or N10k. ​


    We are talking about five figures and six figures right here.​


    So, I believe that if you truly understand what this ABPM can do for you,...​

    ..then you wouldn't ​ allow any excuse stop ​ you from making a ​ decision that will give ​ you money for life ​ on autopilot.​

    RIGHT NOW...​

    You'll risk being ​ completely locked ​ out, if procrastinate ANY FURTHER.​

    Procrastination is the killer of good intentions.​

    Today, make a sacrifice for the sake of ​ your future GAINS.​

    That is what a wise person ​ would do.​

    The next step is... Watch this ​ video now. ​ <= click it.​

    Narrow is the way that leads to good things.​

    Hell got a twin and her name is "excuses".​

    At this point, If you allow yourself to be delayed,​


    You will be shut out of the ABPM program.​

    And when it happens, remember that you caused it.​

    The next step is... watch this video.​ ​ <= click it.​

    Tony Fotizo​


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    UPDATE:We no longer NID affiliates 4 ABPM. But If U hav track record, exceptions can be made. Every Oda pesin can go 2 Expertnaire
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    someone just tried to hack my website. Dear hacker, the ABPM files are not on the site. So, plz, STOP.
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    Let me tell you a story.​


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