How to make money scamming people online

12 different ways you can make money scamming people online.

Believe it or not scam is growing and spreading rapidly across the world. A lot of individuals now make money scamming people online and they do this with pride. It used to something only patronized by youth. But lately, even persons not up to adult age are getting involved.

The sad part is, making money scamming people online is now normal in some African countries (I wouldn’t want to mention names).

This was something that considered as robbing a bank with sophisticated weapons. But, it’s now like if you’re not a scammer, you’re wrong.

Funny enough, the youth involved who make money scamming online people are so engrossed in it that they mature into full-grown men and women and are still into it. It’s that bad.

According to reports, phishing scam and a few other cyber scam cost Americans nearly $100 billion each year. You can imagine that huge amount of money.

Therefore, because I wouldn’t want to contribute to the increase of the above figure, I’ll rather desist from sharing ways you can make money scamming people online.

However, I have decided to instead fill you in on the following

1) Alternative profitable business ideas to making money scamming people online.

2) Common tricks adopted by scammers to connect to people and scam them online.

3) Different types of scamming methods you should know.

But, hold on a bit. Do you actually think I was going to show you ways to make money scamming people online? Of course not, I was never going to that.

The title was just to get your attention so I can fill you on legit business ideas. And also share some tricks scammers use to get to you. This is to help you avoid being scammed.

Therefore if you’re interested in making money via legit means, I’ve got the following business ideas for you.

5 Alternative profitable business ideas to making money scamming people online.

Note: You can know more about the ideas shared below by clicking on the link. (phrases/sentences with red colour )

1) The sewing business.

Sewing business

With as little as $200 – $300, you can start your own sewing business and make good money offline and online.

The most interesting thing is that, you can leverage this legit business from home. All you need is good sewing skills and a few equipments to start.

2) The barbershop business.

Hair styles

Believe me, a well set up and functioning barbershop can generate as much as $500 or more. So instead of looking for ways to make money scamming people online, why not go for a short training on how to deliver a good haircut, get the necessary equipment and open your own barbershop . It’s that easy.

3) Shoe line business.

Shoe business

Hey! Who doesn’t need shoes? You tell me. The demand for shoes is evergreen and growing. It is one of the most lucrative business i have ever written about

All you need to start your own shoe line business is to first of all learn how to make quality foot wears.

You should also consider picking a niche based on your training or strength before leveraging this business.

Make sure you conduct a market research to know what your target audience want and to follow the trend.

Follow this step by step guide to know how you can start your own shoe line business and start making a lot of money.

4) Internet café business.

Internet cafe

The value of the internet in the 21st century can’t be overemphasize.

This business is a top-notch business. It’s the kind of business you should be looking at instead of considering how to make money scamming people online.

Familiarity with the internet is a must have in this business and you’ve got that.

All that’s left to successfully open your internet café is a good management skill, location, license and some capital to start-up.

Being strategically located is also a key success factor for this business. Get all you need to know by clicking here and start making good money in no time.

5) Football viewing center business.

If by chance you love watching football or you’ve got a great passion for football, this business is for you.

Come to think of it, you can’t be sued making money from your passion as long as its legit. That I’m sure of.

With the right location, license of operation and a few equipment like televisions, fans or Air conditioners, decoders etc; you are good to go.

You can even earn extra income running this business.

All you have to do now is check out this guide on opening my own football viewing center for everything you need to know. And take action.

Truth be told, they are lots of ways to make good money other than making money scamming people online.

For example, with just a good sewing skill, you can leverage at least 15 other business ideas that requires good sewing skill and make money both online and offline.

Other legit businesses involve Opening a bar, car wash business, catering business etc.

You can earn from what you love doing the most.

Your passion is simply the key to starting your own business successfully. But make sure it’s legit.

Here’s my business category link for more business ideas available for now. Read and take action, time waits for nobody.

Moving forward…

Make money scamming people online.

Make money scamming people online tricks

Before we go into much details on tricks scammers use to connect and make money scamming people online, I will like to know the true meaning of the following

* Definition of SCAM

According to , scam is a fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group or company in an attempt to obtain money or something else of value.

A scam can also be defined as illegal tricks done by individual(s) with the aim of getting money or other valuable items.

* Meaning of SCAMMER.

A scammer is simply any person who make money using fraudulent activities.

Someone who makes money online scamming people is also a scammer. Simple and short.

Having brought to you the meaning of scam and scammer respectively, let’s now get into details on ways and strategies used to trick people.

Common tricks adopted by people (scammers) to connect to people online.

Before any individual will successfully scam someone online, there need to be connection between both parties.

It’s after the scammer have successfully connected with whoever he want to scam, he will then apply the scamming methods.

Below are some of those ways scammers use to connect with their preys.

1) Fake social media profile.

Fake profile

This is one of the tricks or strategies used by scammers to connect with individuals online.

They create a professional looking account, updated profile with a smart-looking profile picture to appear real.

There are lots of fake social media accounts out there and the numbers are increasing daily.

Scammers have sensed people love for social media and their eagerness + willingness to make new friends.

That’s why they come up with fake profile to appear as your ideal man, woman, business man or that classy celebrity.

2) Become your friend.

Because of your eagerness to meet new people and make friends, you accept friend requests without proper research. And that’s how you become friends with scammers.

Fake profile friend request

Without prior knowledge of someone’s identity, it’s not advisable to show certain information to that person.

Scammers are very wise and they’ll begin the usual way by exchanging pleasantries.

After successfully developing a relationship with you, they slowly act on your discovered weakness.

If you’re the type looking for love, they develop a strategy to exploit you.

I will like to meet you love. Send some money for my flight ticket let’s meet my love.

If you’re the type looking for job, they’ll introduce ponzi scheme or fake alternatives to making money online.

That will require a certain amount of money you have to wire them to start-up.

3) Hacking.

Hacking simply refers to the process of exploiting vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to systems or resources. It is usually done by a computer literate. After the hacking of a device or account, the hacker will have access to all files.


After the first connection, below are some of the various scamming methods adopted by people or group who make money scamming people online.

1) Online dating scam.

Fake profile

A lot of people have turned online in search of love (real relationship) due to a couple of failed offline relationships.

Of course there are some success stories from online dating; like that my aunt and uncle who met the love of their lives online; with the later still married to that same woman till date.

But unfortunately, many individuals (Africans in particular) now make money scamming people online via online dating.

If you’re one of those involved in online dating, let me share you a few tips to detect scammers.

* Always ask for a video

Men or rather the male individuals are the most involved in online dating scam. And sometimes they are so clever to negotiate with their sister or girlfriend to help out in terms of audio call.

However, because they can’t disguise with their sister’s or girl friend’s picture; they often make use of someone very beautiful and foreign to match their fielded false location and other details.

Therefore when you request a video call, they’re likely come up with excuses such as its so dark, my front camera is bad and the likes. That’s one strategy to detect an online dating scammer.

They will then ask some money from you to buy a new phone just so they can video chat with you. All of those are lies don’t fall for it.

* When they start requesting money for all sought of things. For example, money for flight ticket, hospital bills, rent, mortgage, to start a business etc.

Scammers chat

Even if you want to help out,  insist you guys meet up face to face at a public place before giving anybody you met online a cent.

2) Relative in trouble scam

Scammers get a lot of information through hacking. Information like all contact list, emails, text messages and photos to mention a few.

This is how this type of scam works.

Let’s say a relative of your was hacked and of course you weren’t aware.

The individual (scammer) will then go through the contact list of the hacked device in search of stored numbers with names like lovely mum, best uncle, honey, sweetie and the likes.

Now if you happen to be that uncle, you may receive a phone call to transfer some money immediately to help that relative of yours get out of trouble.

Because scammers are so good with lies, coupled with the love you have for that relative; you may be forced to go as far borrowing and paying the requested amount / sum without knowing it’s a scam

3) lottery scam.


In our quest to quickly improve or increase our finances, we get ripped off the one we have. And lottery scam is one swift way people become preys of individuals who make money scamming people online.

This is how it happens…

Congratulations You’ve Won .

You just got a mail or received a latter that you’ve just won a lottery worth a substantial amount of money.

But to claim this huge sum, you’ve got to pay some bucks for clearance or taxes which is around $5000.

Compared to the amount you’ve just won, that’s nothing and you’re already working on the tax fee. You manage to gather the fees and sent it having been provided bank details.

After a week, no news yet.

Having waited for 2 – 3 weeks or more, you then realized you’ve been scammed because all possible means to claim your huge sum proved abortive. $5000 is now gone.

4) Online betting scam.

Sport online betting is gradually becoming a routine for many individuals. As many football fans and other sport lovers now feel they stand a chance to earn a lot money from something they love just by staking a few bucks.

Betting scam

This was how much brothers friend was scammed recently.

He was going trough his feeds when he came across post that reads

“Congratulations to last week winners. For this week fixed matches contact me ” (the guy who posted the information claimed he had some fixed games).

This is a good deal he thought to himself. Because the supposed cashing out sum is really huge.

To cut the long story short, he contacted the guy who requested $50 to release the fixed games.

He paid and of course played and by or at the end of match day he failed.

The match day results was totally different from what he was given. He tried contacting the guy who gave him the games but couldn’t get through. That was how he got scammed.

5) Phishing scam.

Phishing is the malicious act of keeping a false website or sending a false mail with the intent of masquerading as a trustworthy entity and acquire sensitive information such as username, password and credit card details.

Phishing scam chat

Individuals who make money scamming people online send mails to email addresses they acquire using various software’s or from people’s social media accounts details.

In this mails, you may be asked to provide or update your bank details in which you’ll be provided a link to go about it.

I have personally received direct text messages stating my ATM card has been deactivated for some reasons and I should call in a particular phone number to reactivate it.

All of those are phishing scam methods.

No bank will mail you asking you to update such confidential details.

When faced with bank issues, visit the nearest branch closest to you.

Moreover, in cases whereby an unauthorized transaction occurred online using your credit card and you can’t go to the bank as soon as possible; it’s advisable you send a mail immediately to your bank customer support notifying them of the unauthorized transactions for them to take the necessary steps.

Make sure you save the alert of the unauthorized transactions. Such details are always needed for tracking purpose.

I have reported an authorized transaction before; however I wasn’t asked to provide my password or credit card details by my bank.

Only online fraudsters will indirectly or directly do that.

6) Blackma il

Scammers are always thinking of ways to exploit individuals. And when their neutral strategies didn’t work out, they turn to blackmail.

During the course of them appearing as a true friend to you using a fake account, you might have confided in them with certain information.

It may be inform if videos, audio, pictures etc. And having failed on their initial ways to get money from you, they threaten to expose those information by uploading them or by sending it to certain persons you don’t want to see them.

Therefore, in other to cover up your mess, you’ll then agree to pay a particular amount of money to keep them shut. And that’s how individuals make money scamming people online.

7) Charity scam

Online fraudsters now parade themselves as organizations with the objective of which is to carry out charitable purpose.

They are well aware a lot of people have that soft spot for the less privilege or victims of disaster. Be it natural disaster or otherwise.

They know people have an attitude of kindness and understanding towards others.

So scammers leverage this by sending letters or mails to various individuals soliciting for financial support, pretending to be charitable organization.

The letters or mails may include unreal statistics and a few photos to make you believe it. Like they say, seeing is believing.

Scammers also make you understand no amount is too small as even $1 is something tangible. But having seen those photos, you may be compelled to assist with something very far from $1 and this is how they make money scamming people online.

8) Celebrity scam

celebrity scam

A celebrity was being interviewed on radio and I was opportune to be listening. The celebrity was actually promoting is newly released album on radio.

During the course of the interview, the presenter now opened the studio lined for listeners call in.

This is for fans to share their thoughts on the album and ask a few questions too. The celebrity happened to be the controversial type.

As expected, a lot of people called in and started singing praises with a few also asking questions.

To cut the long story short, I was shocked when a fan called in and aired how he loved this celebrity and he doesn’t mind giving him money for free for some personal projects. He was damn serious.

Scammers are well aware of this kind of individuals (fans) that’s why they set up fake celebrity profile and come up with strategies to collect money from fans.

9) Audition scam

Audition is a performance by an aspiring performer to demonstrate suitability or talent.

This trick has been used severally by individuals who make money scamming people online and yet people still fall into it.

This is how this particular trick works.

Fraudulent people know stuffs, they’re well aware of  bunch of talented individuals out there. Aspiring footballers musicians, models, actors etc

After they’ve created the perfect social media of a popular individual with thousands or millions of followers they’ll like to scam; They come up with a note like this on the wall of the fake profile.

For example,


We would like to announce to all aspiring musicians that an audition will commence on the 19th of August 20**. In which the best three finalist will be signed into the YOUNG MONEY CASH MONEY record label.

To participate, you’re required to purchase the label form for $200 only. Send prof of payment to [email protected], upon which a form with be sent to you after payment confirmation.

Make sure you fill up the form and resend to the above email address for your final registration.

Limited spot available,

Bank details.

Hurry now!

That sounds perfect isn’t it?

10) Fake news

Scammers Intentionally publish fake news online to mislead people. It may be political, entertainment, sport, commerce etc.

Fake news

Often a link is provided where you click and get eye catching advert you may want know more about; or even loads of viruses downloaded on your device when the page loads.

11) Online purchase scam.

While surfing the internet, you happen to come across some lovely quality furniture or your dream apartment or maybe the best deal on that car you liked. Yes, the one you’re always talking about with your friends.

Upon contacting the seller as you thought the deal is pretty fair, you were then asked for part payment or money to ship the car down to your location.

You never kick-start that fancy car yourself, or see and sat in that dream apartments yourself and you’re thinking of paying for it?

No matter how small the initial payment may seem, it doesn’t matter.

The above are signs of an internet fraud. You can also be asked to pay for taxes or some documents, don’t fall for it.

Yes they are legit online stores to shop from. I know this because I’ve bought stuffs online a couple of times. But you have to be careful about online shopping. Most especially the ones you saw as an advert while on something else.

Make sure you check reviews about an online store and do a few research to know their office location.

You should consider asking friends and family members if they’ve patronized the store in question before.

Scammers always appear to be legit. You’ll only know you’ve been scammed when you pay and didn’t get or receive what was promised.

12) Job scam

This is very similar to be the audition scamming methods.

But in this case they post fake job opportunities online to scam individuals in desperate need of jobs.

Jobs scam


All of the above mentioned types of scam are what individuals adopt to make money scamming people online that i can think of for now. More online scamming tricks will be added in due time to help you get familiar with the strategies and avoid them.

But in the main time, let us know or share with us other ways you know individuals make money scamming people online.


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