Outdoor advertising: Meaning, 10 Types, & 5 Popular Examples

Also known as out-of-home advertising (O.O.H)Outdoor advertising can be defined as all marketing strategies geared towards creating awareness for a particular product or service outside the home of an organization’s target audience

In other words:

When an organization or business runs an advertising campaign in other to capture the attention of their target audience when they are outside their homes is known as outdoor advertising.

Introduction to O.O.H advertising & Why Marketing Is Key.

Out of home advertising is an integral type of advertising… and advertising is an integral part of marketing.

Marketing can be said to be the pillar of any business.


Businesses are birth based on a problem or need identification… Which is only possible via marketing research.

By extension, marketing is like the foundation and rooftop of an organization…

…because it exists before and/or at the introductory stage — to the maturity and decline stage of the business.

Marketing is everything. Arguably — I know.

But, what do you think will be the outcome of business with:

Decent management techniques, qualified employees, top product etc…

…but don’t have the ability to successfully identify and capture the attention of their target audience?… Which will result in their inability to make sales?

Let me help you; BANKRUPTCY!

Therefore, for any company out there, getting the word out about the product and services they offer is essential. Because it’s their only chance of making sales which bring in profit… Money needed to keep the organization going.

However, how do you think companies create awareness?  It’s definitely with the help of different advertising techniques…

Outdoor advertising is one such technique that is quite efficient as a mass-market medium, and you can use it for branding, broad messages, support campaigns, and so forth.

So without any further ado, let’s dive into the business of the day.

What is outdoor advertising?

I already dropped a few lines on this earlier but for the sake of in-depth understanding…

Outdoor advertising is one of the types of advertising where companies actual and potential buyers can know about specific products or services when they are outside the home.

People go out. Sometimes for drinks, shopping, site seeing and other stuff…

Businesses are aware of this and that’s why they indulge in out of home advertising… by mounting billboards promoting a specific product. One you could see while commuting and be interested in.

What are the types of outdoor advertising?

Types of advertising

1. Guerilla advertising

This out-of-home advertising strategy involves using unconventional methods and ideas to promote a product or service.

One that doesn’t look, feel or seem like marketing at all.

In most cases, it could be:

  • An interesting product packaging that makes customers do like a double-take. Something they really kind of appreciates, get confused/excited… at the very least, makes customers be like; what’s even going on?
  • Captivating street art that’s on point and trending
  • Social awareness campaign etc
  • Plus: it could come in any media style… Be it text, image, video etc.

Guerilla advertising is all about surprise. And that’s why it’s very effective and recommended for small business owners.

Imagine walking into a bus like this:

images 18 2

For the very first time, you’re more likely to take a picture of the bus, share and talk more about it with family and friends…

…by doing all of those, you’re promoting the Copenhagen zoo (Denmark).


Guerilla advertising is aimed at captivating prospects — to create a memorable and makes a deeper emotional impact to be remembered for a long time.

2. Point of sale displays

Point of sale advertising
Image credit: https://clipstrip.com/pop-fuel/pop-vs-pos-whats-the-difference/

I was visiting some family members a few weeks back. On my way there, I decided to stop by the store to grab a few things… I don’t like visiting empty-handed.

I picked what I needed and while on queue for my turn at the billing counter, I saw some harmlessly displayed goods just by my right. I couldn’t help but handpick two sausages for my commuting pleasure…

…you must have also noticed different products available at the billing counters in stores you patronize.

images 24
Image credit: https://www.simpsongroup.co.uk/blog/what-is-pos-point-of-sale-marketing-introduction/

That’s basically what point of sale display in out-of-home advertising is about.

Needless to say, this advertising strategy is so easy and require less minimal marketing effort.

Plus, businesses interested in leveraging this strategy often request store owners to have their products displayed around the billing counters.

Most importantly, the products must be tangible, interesting and unique enough to immediately capture the attention of the target audience.

Primary purpose:

To encourage or stimulate impulse purchases…

This is because businesses are aware prospects are likely to be open to more suggestions of adding another product to their collection. Most especially if such product is on offer.

3. Retail

Successful business owners know this:

When prospects (people) are around/in a shopping mall or centres, they’re there with the intention of shopping.

And as strategic business owners, they figure out a way of attracting those prospects to their store to purchase a few things.

In most case, what they (business owners) often do is come up with different marketing materials to create awareness for their own target audience.

Such marketing materials include: Posters, banners, storefronts, flyers etc

Primary purpose:

In a few words, one can view retail outdoor advertising as all marketing strategies that are geared towards keeping customer shopping.


The main purpose of this particular out of home advertising is to tempt prospects into visiting a store or purchasing a product that is very close to where they saw the advert. Plus: it is very effective if you sell home product and or products consumers use regularly.

4. Vehicle Advertising

Vehicle advertising

Vehicle advertising is simply a marketing technique that involves placing promotional campaigns about a product or service on vehicles.

The method of advertising is pretty simple:

A well designed and printed graphic entailing the product of an organization and other details (logo, web addresses, taglines etc)    is    either   placed   on   the side of a vehicle or as a vinyl wrap covering its body.

Vehicle ads are known to be not just effective, but also a popular type of outdoor advertising due to the increased exposure it offers.

The vehicle (which could be a taxi, bus, or van) is constantly on the move… and so the advert is able to reach people in a much wider catchment area, unlike static billboards.

In essence, businesses interested in this out of home advertising strategy should ensure there are no state or municipal laws in place that prevent it in the areas they are targeting.

Primary purpose:

Firstly, it’s to increase brand awareness.

Secondly, to reinforce the presence of a business in an area… Whereby a fleet of cars with the same branding is seen regularly in that geographical area.

5. Billboard

Billboard advertising

A billboard is something you must come across. It’s arguably the most popular type of outdoor advertising out there…

For the records…

…billboards are giant posters promoting products and services. They are usually  displayed at areas lots of people frequent on a daily basis.

Outdoor advertising

Such areas include shopping centres, stadiums, and city centres.

The giant posters usually carry on vital information (quick messages) prospects could digest in seconds.

Pro: it serves as a vital secondary advertising medium to primary ones such as print advertising, television, radio, flyers, websites, and direct mail.

Primary purpose:

According to Trailer, 98% of people worldwide see a minimum of one outdoor billboard advertising on a weekly basis.    Furthermore, about 68% of prospects say that their purchasing decisions are done while in the car.

What does that tell you?

This type of outdoor advertising major purpose is to enhance the awareness of a brand or product/service… As well as stimulate purchase.

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6. Lamp

While commuting, I believe you must have come across a sizeable banner on the street or parking lot…

It’s usually noticeable at night with the aid of streetlight.

Something like this:

Lamb outdoor advertising

The lighting that comes with lamp outdoor advertising forces people to pay attention to it and basically  makes it almost impossible to avoid.

Just like a few others, this strategy is also aimed at capturing the attention of commuters.

7. Construction

This distinct out-of-home advertising can be leveraged for two different reasons by people in the same category.

Firstly, for builders and contractors who are looking to grow their businesses.


This set of people could see construction advertising as a must in other to create awareness and get more contract opportunities or deals.

So let’s say an advert campaign was run and it was a success… they got a project to carry out like immediately.

While working on the project, Construction Advertising is also leveraged, but this time… the essence of the advert is not to get more contract.

Here, protective barriers – such as hoardings and scaffold covers are utilized for the purpose of keeping the public and workmen safe…   By so doing a   unique opportunity for outdoor advertising is made possible.


It can be used to highlight a preview of the ongoing project or a promotion for the company or companies involved with the work.


It is subject to restrictions. local councils and authorities will often dictate the kinds of adverts that can and cannot be used

Primary purpose:

To run an advertising campaign for the ongoing project. for instance, they might preview the look of the finished project, or provide information as to what the construction project is actually for.

8. Bridge

bridge outdoor advertising

Bridge ads are the non-personal communication of ideas, products or services to commuters…

Here, a banner is created and placed on highways to mainly capture the attention of those who drive/travel a lot.

Businesses who leverage this outdoor advertising strategy are very much aware of their audience… and strategically use these banners on different types of bridges in their target location.

9. Transit

Transportation advertising

Also known as transportation outdoor advertising…

This strategy is pretty different from others… And below is how it works.


Businesses are aware their city is prone to tourist visitations and other commuters generally. They’re also aware these category of people are more likely to leverage public transportation for their commuting pleasure.

So, with that in the know, business owners/organization then place some advertisements inside various types of public transport in that city…

Within commuting periods, everyone on that bus, train, or any other forms of transit are vulnerable to the promotional content within the vehicle. In other words, they are most likely to see the organization’s advertisement.

Transit advertising

In summary:

Transit out-of-home advertising is done by placing promotional contents of a product or service inside public transportation means such as buses and most especially trains in other to indirectly communicate the product or service to tourists, commuters and others living within the city who leverage pubic transport.

10. Stunt

https blogs images.forbes.com steveolenski files 2016 09 epson swimming in ink 1200x800 1
Image credit: forbes.com

Personally, I see this as going the extra mile or next level to create awareness and capture the attention of your target audience.

This type of outdoor advertising takes more effort, involves real people, and engenders emotions.

It’s more or less like taking a bullet or jumping in front of a moving train to prove your love.

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Examples of Outdoor Advertising.

1. Google — Make Google Do It

outdoor advertising examples

After it’s initial launch in America, Google used the digital out-of-home advertising, (partnering with R/GA London) to brings it’s Make Google Do It campaign to the eyes of Londoners.

The campaign promoted how Google Assistant’s abilities allow it to help in everyday situations by detailing all the tasks they can perform. This is signified with the ‘Play it. Skip it. Time it. Dial it. Forecast it. Remember it. Schedule it. Prep it. Do it.’ mantra.

2. Netflix — Netflix Is A Joke

outdoor advertising example

Prior to the Emmy awards in 2017, plain white billboards declaring that “Netflix is a joke” appeared in New York and Los Angeles.

According to reports, the new marketing campaign from the streaming service which featured OOH billboards was to promote their new comedy show lineup and undoubtedly, drive users to their streaming service.

3. Postmate — We Get It

1 PDvAEntJzL5BS0ZO7k18Sw 1

Launched in Los Angeles, Postmates’ We Get It campaign cleverly used humour and location-based relevance in their outdoor media campaign to nod to the growing on-demand ‘anything’ trend featured heavily in today’s society.

Here’s a statement from blog.postmates.com:

Inspired by some of Postmates’ 2017 order trends, the “We Get It” campaign is a testament to some of the quirks and habits of our most loyal customers — in particular, those in our largest market of Los Angeles.

Because we get you, Los Angeles. We get that you have vegan friends and “vegan” friends — 10% of whom we’ve seen order meat at one time or another. Hey, after a little too much to drink… you may just post mate some carnitas tacos. We don’t judge.


frequently asked questions - entlifeonline

Is outdoor advertising effective?

According to penji.com, About 24% of consumers said that they have visited a business after being exposed to an outdoor advertisement.

So in a word, Yes! Outdoor advertising is effective

How much does outdoor advertising cost?

The actual price of any out of home advertisement depends on a few factors.

Do you now know we’ve got different types right? so one of those factors that determine price is actually the exact OUTDOOR TYPE you intend to use.

In essence, the price for billboard space in New York Times Square will differ from Retail out-of-home advertising.

Other factors include size, lighting, visibility, competition, production and of course location.

How much does billboard advertising cost?

below are billboards advertising costs in some part of America according to dashtwo.com

COVID-19 Temporary Discounted Pricing

Cost of billboard advertising

Standard price

billboard advertising cost

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Over To You…

In your own words, what do you understand by outdoor advertising?

Have you ever made a purchase decision due to an out-of-home advertising campaign?

If Yes, which one? If No, why?

Leave a quick comment below.

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