Reasons For Advertising: 13 Mandatory Reasons You Need To

Are you thinking of a reason to advertise?

Or you’re just wondering:

Why on earth do entrepreneurs and business owners leverage advertising?

In this article, i will be sharing with you the mandatory reasons for advertising by globally recognized brands…

…and why you need to do same to succeed while running a small business.

It is said that one of the major difference between a big business and a small one is this:

Big businesses have more people seeking their product as a solution to their problem than small businesses.

In essence, big business are basically satisfying more people…

…and that’s why they’re regarded as big.

Needless to say, the more customers they satisfy, the more market share they enjoy… and of course, the more money they make too.


Despite their huge market share, they still leverage advertising. And this because they understand the benefits of advertising which some small business owners often overlook.

So in this guide, i will showing you those benefits big firms enjoy by patronizing advertising and why you should too.

Read every word on No 6…

13 Reasons For Advertising For Small Business Owners

12 reasons to advertise your product

1. For the introduction of new businesses.

As a new startup, there’s a high chance you are still unknown to the right people…

…these are simply those persons whose needs/wants your business was start up to cater for.

In essence, advertising makes it possible for a new business owners to introduce themselves to the general public or target market.

2. To inform your target audience about your product.

Your product could be new or it’s possible it has been around for a while. Now whichever is the case,  if you don’t run ads to let your potential customers know you have a solution to their problem, there no way you will make sales.

Therefore, as a small business owner one of the major reasons to advertise is to let create awareness for for your product.

Ring the bells of your solution in the ears of those whose problem you want to solve.

That way when they get to know about it,  they’ll come running to you to take their money in other to solve their problems…

…especially when they heard yours is better than what they’re currently using. Or who they’re currently patronizing.

3. To remind your target audience of your product.

Have you ever wondered why big companies repeat advertisement or let their promotion campaign run for a while?

You’ll find out soon.

Personally, I’m open to lots of options  on a daily. So are you – as well as your target audience.

No matter how good a product appear to be, I don’t just go for it after the first hearing. That’s because  i don’t believe in the saying opportunity comes but once. Nah!

So my philosophy is pretty simple. If it’s for me, I will cease it another time.

But sometimes when I want to give the product a trial purchase on first hearing, I tend to forget.

These things happen… Not just to me, but to so many others out there.

Which some are likely to be your potential clients.


…you should know that there’s nothing you intend to solve that someone or an enterprise out there  isn’t already solving. At least to an extent.

This simply means that your target customers have something related to your product they’re already using and they’re cool with…

…and that’s why your product is likely to escape their minds the first time they heard of it.

So if you don’t remind them often to try your product, they’ll never patronize you.

Not because they don’t want to, but because they forgot they needed to.

Furthermore, sometimes when I listen or watch an advert the second and third time, I hear and or see something I didn’t notice the first time.

That increases the chances of me buying the product.

Bottom line?

Another reason for advertising your brand or products is to remind your target audience about the existence and benefits of your product.

You also want to gather testimonies or reviews on those who took the chance on your product on first hearing and are loving it.

Include a few of those reviews on your next re-targeting ads.

This will not just remind them about your offering, but will also pinpoint what they are missing out already.

4. To encourage repeat purchases.

It’s much more easier to sell to customers who has patronized you before…

Distractions is like the norm this days. Today a customer is doing product A and tomorrow everything just changes in a flash.

The same way you got the attention of customer in the first place…

…the same way your competitors are also working hard to create awareness for their product.

Since your customers is more likely a target when they (competitors) advertise, you need to continuously patronize advertising yourself in other to remind your consumers why they choose your business in the first place.

And why they should continue to choose you in the future.

Failure to do this, your customers will go the same way you got them.

5. To educate your target audience.

According to yourdictionary, To educate is defined as to teach a skill or subject, or provide with information.

Therefore, another reason for advertising is the need to provide vital information about your offering to your target audience.

In situations whereby your product is highly technical or require some sought of installations, a simple video advert with demonstrations on how fix or install it will definitely increase purchase chances.

Aside that, educating your customers via advert makes targeting easy.

For example:

When an adult sees your ads on a DRINK which is not for sale to individuals under the age of 18, he automatically knows the product is specially made for people like him.

6. To build up reputation and maintain goodwill

Public relation also known as PR – is also one of the methods companies used in passing messages about their brand to the public…

But while public relation is not directly the same as advertising, they kind of work hand in hand.

Advertising is used as a tool for public relation, and for advertising to succeed you’ll need a bit of public relation.

PR plays the role of seasoning to a meal.

And it simply refers to all planned and sustained efforts a business owner or organization does to achieve a degree of understanding…

…and maintain goodwill with the general public.

Why do you need this?

As a small business owner, public relation in combination with advertising is essential to face competition in the market.

For example: This is what coca cola company has been able to do over the years

The company’s most well-known sponsorship are American Idol, Apple iTunes, BET Network, NASCAR, NBA, NCAA, and the Olympic Games… thats according to

With the above sponsorship and more, coca cola has been able to prove they’re not about selling or collecting your money…

…and that they care about so many things that concerns you or things you also care about.

Plus, they’ve also help turn dreams into reality.

Come to think of it, if not for the likes of coca-cola where would the likes of Laine Hardy and Maddie Poppe be?

Most importantly, the gesture – which is notably a Public relation strategy (via CSR programs) has been able to help them fight off competition from the likes of Britvic, Red Bull, Fever-Tree, Monster Beverage, and Tropicana Products.

But you’re not a big brand like coca-cola… at least not yet!

So how can you leverage public relation to fight off competition around you?

Let’s say you’re into pizza shop or a cake business…

little things like school bus renovation or local dance competition sponsorship, inter school football competition sponsorship etc…

…will help you indirectly advertise and sell your brand to the general public where your business is located.

And while this isn’t about directly selling your product to anyone, it will help directly sell the person behind the product and boost your reputation..

…the last i checked, that is key to helping you enjoy long term patronizing which equals more sales and of course profit to keep your business booming.

Bottom line:

the reasons for advertising is why you are here. and i get that.

However, Advertising has only one single purpose: Which is selling a product or service.

…and if you focus only on that, you can be easily outranked.

Moreover, Public relation sell the people (you) behind the product or service and works to establish mutual understanding between all the public concerned inside and outside the organization (your business).

And look:

When you have a good reputation, those who make up the public will like you, and when they do, they’ll patronize you.

Mind you, advertising in combination with public relation isn’t mandatory for all businesses.

While it’s more of a must for manufacturing companies whose heavy machines are likely to cause either air or noise pollution to the public…

…the reverse is the case for someone who runs a modelling agency , internet cafe or owns a grocery shop.


Imagine – on behalf of your brand or business, you gifted Timmy a customized chocolate with his face on it…

..for his awesome performance after he was named the Top scorer and best player at the just concluded community football competition.

something like this:

chocoltae benedict head uai 466x466 1
Image credit: plungecreations

The dude is likely worship it and tell everyone who cares to listen about your awesome gesture.

If it happens that you then run a chocolate business, many people will come check out the new small business owner with the heart of Gold.

At the next competition, some may even be playing to be named best player so as to be treated like Timmy.

Just like that, your business and brand awareness will indirectly or directly keep growing which is one of reasons for advertising in the first place…

…but remember it’s public relation working. And that’s why i earlier said Ads and PR work hand in hand. PR plays the role of seasoning in a meal.

I have said a lot to paint a picture…

But the kicker here’s this:

Make sure your business has a positive impact on the people in the geographical area its located.

While it’s not compulsory, it will help you go a long way… all other things being equal.

Below are other reasons for advertising you need to know.

7. To Keep your BRAND FRESH in the minds of your target audience or customers.

8. To Head off, Grab and Keep your competitors’ customers.

9. Advertising helps establish your niche and give create a desire to buy.

10. As a small business owner, you need to leverage advertising to build confidence in your product/services.

11. It facilitates large scale production which in turn results in lower cost of production and in more economical use of resources.

12. It stimulates research and development activities.

Advertising has become a competitive marketing activity. Every firm tries to differentiate a product from the substitutes available in the market.

This compels every business firm to do more and more research to find new products and their new uses.

13. To earn profit

This is the goal and arguable the major reason to advertise in the first place.

As a small business owner, your promotion campaign should be able to fetch you a possible return of investment.

If not, then it’s obvious you’re doing something wrong.

For example, i have seen business owners leverage social media advertising (because it’s the norm lately) to create awareness for their product…

…after losing a couple dollars, they end saying running social media ads isn’t profitable or its a waste of time and resource.

What’s worse?

Some tends to give up on marketing/advertising and only rely on organic traffic.

Realistically, they either didn’t run the promotional campaign properly or their target audience isn’t on the platform they chose to leverage for the ads.

But they don’t know this because they failed to talk to an expert.

So if you find yourself in a situation where the profit are not coming in has expected…

…you may need to seek extra help outside your knowledge and that of your business.

For starters, you can reach out to a business developer. Majority of them have the ability to analyze your business and tell you where to find your audience.

secondly, you can contact a marketer with a record of helping small business owners or meet with an experienced advertising agency with you can afford.


Let me leave this with you.

You can have the best offering around but if you lack the ability SELL you’ll struggle and eventually leave the market for those who can

As a small business owner…

.. .another reason for advertising is because it gives you the opportunity to persuade a large or reasonable amount of people to try your product all at once.

But while running any promotional campaign, be strategic with it.

This including leveraging the right advertising method and your timing should be spot on.

If you’re local business owner, get your ads live on radio station and programs that’s trending in that neighborhood.

Register a google my business account and open an official website too. This will help you easily attract those around your business location that probably haven’t heard of you but in dire need of what you offer.

Remember the more strategic you are,  the more you are likely to reach the right persons that will convert.

…and that’s it from my end on the reasons for advertising or reasons to advertise for small business owners.

What Are Yours?

Go ahead and comment below. I’m open to learning from you.

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