Meaning of Advertising: 2 Easy Definition of Advertising and Their Key Terms.

Meaning Of Advertising

According to America Marketing Association (A.M.A); advertising can be defined as any paid form of non personal communication and promotion of ideas, good and services by an identified sponsor.

Key terms in the above definition of advertising

Paid form:

The reason advertising is regarded as a paid form is simply because it’s not free.

If you approach a radio or television station to air or display your brand or product during a particular show,  they will definitely charge you for it.

In summary, every type of advertising usually come with a fee unless you own the agency or platform you intend to use for your promotional campaign.

Non personal communication:

Advertising is said to be a form of non personal communication because the information conveyed isn’t done face to face between the advertiser and the target audience or buyer.

During advertising, the seller isn’t present. It’s just the message (advert)  and target audience (who’s either watching, reading or hearing about the message (advert).

The major takeaway here is this:

During advertisements, the owner of a product or service is not telling the consumer(s) about it personally,  or face to face.

Promotion of ideas, goods or services:

Promotion has to do with creation of awareness.

Therefore, the kicker here is that, advertising makes it possible to create awareness to a large number of people all at once.

By an Identified sponsor:

Advertising don’t just happen; that’s because there’s always an organization and or business owner behind it.

During advertisement,  a few information about the sponsor or source of the advert is usually mentioned. At the end of the advert in most cases.

For example, the Heineken advert during champions league games. Heineken is the identified sponsor. The same goes for Pepsi and Nissan.

Basically, if you come across any advertisement that is literally promoting a brand/company or a product, that brand is the identified sponsor of the advert.

Other Definition of Advertising

meaning of advertising

Advertising can also be defined as a kind of promotion through recognizable advertisement placed in a definable advertising media guaranteeing exposure to a target audience in return for a published rate for the space or time used.

Key Terms In The Definition

Recognizable advertisement:

Advertising is said to be a promotion through recognizable advertisement because the campaign or promotion message in question is often understood by the target audience.

This is because the business owner/organization who’s running the ads… or the agency to whom the advertising task is administered tends to understand the right type of audience in terms of demographic, education, profile etc…

…and the come up with a campaign or message they can easily relate with when heard and or seen.

Advertising media:

This refer to the communication methods (which could be outdoor or indoor like billboards ads and television ads respectively) organizations or ads agencies use to communicate a product or service to the target audience.

Target audience:

This simply refers to those set of people an organization’s promotional campaign is designed to inform, remind and persuade/convince to buy a product or service.

Published rate:

We have different types of advertising in marketing, all of which attract different rate.

Has I’ve discussed in the previous meaning of advertising, running ads comes at a cost…

…and that’s what the term published rate is also insinuating in this definition of advertising.

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Round Up

Advertising is very crucial to the success of marketing efforts of an organization as it provides a major boost to the marketing efforts of the company.

It further gives information to the presents and potential users of an organization’s product about its availability, quality and capabilities.

There are so many definitions of advertising out there, but based on my little understanding this two really cut it for me…

…and that’s why i decided to share it and also discuss their key terms to help you get a better understanding of  what it really means.

I hope i have been able to achieve that though.

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