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9 Mandatory Steps To Become A Model In Nigeria 2021

This guide entails practical steps you need to become a model in Nigeria.

All of the steps below are mandatory to ensuring you start up your career as a successful model… i’ll advice you read to the end.

So without any further delay, let’s get into why you are here.

9 Mandatory Steps On  How To Become A Model In Nigeria You Need To Follow.

become a model

Step #1 Decide on your area of specialization

specialization is focusing on a particular segment out of various segments available. It’s basically about choosing a modeling niche.

  • In essence, the first to do if you want to become a model is to decide on which type of model you’ll like to be amongst other alternatives.

Types Of Model

#1 Fit mode ls: These are models who work behind the scenes with cloth manufacturers or fashion designers . Their duty/job is to help the designers come up with sizes and fittings for dresses.

#2 Part mo dels: These are models who showcase or model part of their body. For example if you know you’ve got a pretty face, legs, foot, hands, fingers, teeth, you can approach a modeling agency in this area of specialization and work for them.

  • As a part model, you don’t have to model your full body. The requirement is pretty simple, with that great or beautiful part of your body you’re confident of showcasing you’re good to go.

#3 Mature models: They are models between the ages of 30 and above and are usually hired as commercials models.

#4 Fit & wellness models: Just as the name implies, these are models who top brands use to portray fitness. You’ve got to be athletic or have that athletic look like the likes of Serena Williams to stand a chance in this model type.

#5 Spokes models: This type of models represent a brand. You model for one particular brand (e.g body cream) and get paid like an ambassador.

#6 Fashion or editorial models: fashion models are models who work for top designers like Versace, Gucci, channels etc; and are usually on the cover of top fashion magazines like Vogue.

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  • The requirement is strict – 6’0″ for height, must be very slim or thin, young, and their measurements are 33-23-33 (bust-waist-hips). Truth be told the fashion model type is a complex one as rejection follows immediately scouts or agents/ agencies notice you don’t fit in.

#7 Runway models: Also known as catwalk models. The requirement for a runway model for females are 5’9 feet tall, measurements should be 34-23-34 (bust-waist-hips), age 16-23. While male requirements are 5’11 feet tall, age 18-25.

  • This model type is very strict because designers are just going to design clothes and expect you to fit in. Therefore, if you want to become a runway model, I think is just fair to let you know you’re in for a lot work.
  • Also, I shouldn’t be telling you this but you must focus on learning how to catwalk very well to become a runway model.

#8 Commercial models: As long as you’re interested in modeling, this particular model type is always available. That’s because it has no age restrictions, height, measurements and other strict policies like the rest.

  • This model type has to do with you portraying the super mum looks, girl next door etc. As long as you’ve got what it takes to advertise, you’re good to model for interested brands.

#9 Glamour models: For this model type, your job will be sexually suggestive compared to other modeling job.

  • Glamour models pose for a photographer and they basically work with magazines, music videos directors etc

#10 Promotional model: In this case, the model is meant to promote different kind of product for companies, organizations or business owners. The requirement is that you’re familiar with what your promoting and be or appear friendly.

Others are plus size models, child, underwear models.

Moving forward ⏭ on how to become a model in Nigeria, Ghana and other african countries…

Step #2 Know and work on your body type.

So having deliberated on the type of model you’ll like to be, it’s time you make sure to take measurements of your body to know if you fit in. Doing that will enable you choose or approach the right agency for your body type.

  • Knowing your body type will also enable you work on yourself based on the type of model you’ll like to be. For example, to become a runway model, you’ll know you’ll have to work towards having a 34-23-34 (bust-waist-hips).

Tips on how to work on your body type.

So if you’ll like to be – for example – a fashion model, the tips below might help you achieve the required body type.

  • Exercise: exercising is important. You’ll have to do a lot of it to achieve that perfect body size for your area of specialization. You can hit the gym and let the instructor(s) or trainer(s) know of target so they can come with plan or routine to help you achieve it.
  • Go on diet: so I said go on diet – I didn’t say starve yourself or don’t eat at all. However it’s advisable you have a meal time table and make sure you avoid heavy foods like fufu, Amala, Eba etc when necessary.
  • Prioritize your health: Health is wealth; so being healthy or staying healthy of course works to become a model; but it’s something you should also do for yourself. Therefore there’s need for you to drink a lot of water and juice and also eat vegetables (salad) and fruits.

In summary, after concluding on the type of model want to be by choosing your area of specialization, this is the stage where you know and work on your body type to meet requirements.

Step #3 Maintain a good appearance

This shouldn’t come has a surprise. Your looks is very very important, it is a key factor to becoming a professional model. Your hair, skin and fashion sense ( in term of what you wear) coupled with the way you carry yourself is also important.

  • Keep your skin clean, clear and smooth, don’t entertain any form or type of skin disease. You may have to visit a reputable cream store or specialist to recommend the perfect bathing soap and body cream for your skin type.
  • Make sure your hair is neat, shiny and free of hair diseases like dandruff. Your nails should always be well-kept.
  • It’s advisable to always keep your hair and nails natural. This is because you never know when you’ll be called up for a job and models are always required to come to casting natural without makeup and the likes. So if you’ve done your hair and you’re not make up free on set, getting to remove all of those in other to prepare you for the job will be a little too much and you’ll be seen as unprofessional.

In a nutshell, having and maintaining a good appearance is mandatory to becoming a model. And you may have to invest on yourself to achieve this. This is due to the fact that the ideal cream , soap etc for your skin may be expensive compared to others and you’ll still have to buy and use it.

Step #4 Build your portfolio

prepare like a case or folder carrying all of your stunning photos.

So having worked on your appearance and you feel you’re good to go, the next step is to start capturing beautiful photos of yourself.

Building your portfolio doesn’t require a lot – you just need like two black and white crop top or T-shirt, pants with little or no makeup.

  • Contact a good photographer capable of helping you build a portfolio. You don’t really need like a top professional model photographer, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for less. Do your research and make sure the photographer you’ll be hiring or working with is good enough to help you build a portfolio by .
  • Aside taking beautiful shots of yourself in full, take up close up shots of your body parts like your fingers, nails, waist, eyes, feet, face etc and include them in your portfolio.

Be creative by trying something new and make sure your portfolio passes a message you’re capable of different characters and looks.

I’ll advice you keep building your portfolio even if you’re yet to find an agency to work with…

…because it’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity you’re not prepared for. That’s it for my fourth step on how to become a model.

Note: Editing of those photos isn’t allowed. Keep them has natural as possible

Step #5 Find out more information about the modeling industry .

Beauty without brains doesn’t do it anymore – it has stopped working a long time. However being beautiful, knowledgeable and intelligent will help you achieve great things.

  • Educate yourself about the industry by reading modeling articles, books, magazines, etc to stay up to date about modeling. The information acquired will help you improve yourself as a model in terms of style, fashion sense, posture etc; it’ll also help you know what you’re getting into as an aspiring model and likewise what to expect.

In summary. seek more information and be educated about the modeling industry in Nigeria or in your country.

Step #6 Find the right agency

To become a model, you’ll definitely need a modeling agency to kick-start your modeling career and grow as one in Nigeria. Go in search of good modeling agencies with your portfolio.

  • Be wary of scams. There are lots of ways people make money online scamming people and acting like a model scout, an agent or agency representative is one those ways.

Make research your best friend in this stage. Before you go all in, make sure you ask around and or search online to know how legit the agency is.

Be careful of the way and kind of people you send direct messages and mails with your photos about you being an aspiring model in search of an agency or job. Some of them will not only extort money from you, but can use the photos to start scamming people online.

I understand you can’t just sit at home and expect offers to come knocking and it rarely work like that. However, in your quest of searching, make sure you look before you leap.


  • Beth models
  • Few models
  • Fowler models
  • Catch 22 models
  • Zahara models.
  • Gloria Kelvin
  • Y-Ray models
  • Isis models
  • Looks and more models
  • Fashion instincts modeling agency
  • Exquisite models international
  • Pillars and pride of Africa model and talent management.
  • Identical media
  • Silverbird group
  • Pflamez entertainment
  • Brendez and crusader limited
  • Elite model look

For more information (like their contact details and requirements) on all of above mentioned agencies click here now

Step #7 Build yourself a brand

Firstly, you must see yourself as a brand… and build up yourself the little way you can.

You can do this leveraging social media and getting a social media presence. This is because it’s easier for agencies to work with models that’s already with lots of followers. In essence, when you appear as a brand it’s easier for agencies to start up something with you.

  • Upload your pictures on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc and use hashtags (#) to get followers.

Step #8 Network and engage yourself

This is to interact socially for the purpose of getting connections or personal advancement.

  • Attend fashion related events, designers presentation, runaway shows etc and offer your support as a brand when necessary. As little as posting about that upcoming fashion event on your Facebook wall or Instagram page means a lot and will be appreciated.

In a nutshell, just make sure you grace events you know will add to your growth as a model and will enlighten you on what’s up in the modeling / fashion Industry in Nigeria or in your country.

You can also use networking and engagement to build up your portfolio.

Step #9 Pay attention while signing a contract

When you eventually get scouted by agency make sure you understand every detail on the contract before signing it. Some agencies are known to be opportunist. They understand your situation and they’ll try to take advantage of you.

  • Consult a lawyer to help you understand what you’re about to agree to before signing the papers. It never a bad idea to seek for at least a week to carefully review the contract details before agreeing to it.
  • Your First contact shouldn’t be more than two years. however in cases where it’s more, just make sure it can be amended after the first two years to suit you better.

Salary Of A Model

The amount given to a model or the salary of a model depends heavily on the agency and the type.

However up and coming model gets paid ₦40,000 – ₦80,000 (for runway models in Nigeria)

Secondly, the salary of models depends on the profit from a particular job. So the more profit you make for an agency the more you’ll earn.

Useful Tips For Models.

Height, weights and all of those matters, but trust as long as you’re not a dwarf, you can become a model.

There are 5’4 feet tall and plus size models out there; if your agency actually believes in you and thinks you’ve got potential you’re good to go. It all boils down to finding the right agency.

Discover your unique selling point. As a model you need to discover what works for you. It will help you in building up your brand. Find your thing and flaunt it wisely to get more followers. For Some it’s their curly hair, hips, lips, face, eyes etc.

To become a model, it’s not a bad idea to start out initially as an intern by working for someone who works in the modeling agency.

This strategy will help become more aware of how the things work behind the scenes. With such experience, you can easily become a professional model and strive easily.

Another soft tip to become a model is with model competitions. Don’t just attend as brand or a model, compete. This is a simple way of showcasing yourself to the world as a model. And even if you don’t get to win the competition, someone (a scout) who thought you’ve got great potentials can help become a model by signing you into an agency.

Don’t starve because you’re asked to, if you’re not comfortable striking that pose, exposing a particular part of your body or modeling that dress don’t do it. Don’t do whatever you’re not comfortable with to become a model.

Make sure you’re very professional, be polite and hardworking.

Recommended For You

Bitter Truth

To become a model in Nigeria comes with lots of challenges.

…which Rejection is one them. And the probably the most common of them all.

I know it’s totally not cool for me to have share such ill news; but I want you to be totally sincere with you on this.

Rejection in the modeling world is inevitable.

And you’ll come across it a few times, but still, you’ll have to deal with it.

Trust me, the models you aspire to be like have all dealt with their share of rejection during the early stage of their career… i don’t want to bore with names.

You may be rejected due to lack of height, weight, you’ve got a little bit of this and not enough of that bla bla bla…

But if you really want to become a model in Nigeria , deal with it. Don’t ever give up. Instead Learn from every rejection and stay positive.

below are few ways you can contain rejection…

  • Work harder
  • Be smart
  • Work on your personality
  • Be confident
  • Believe in yourself. Trust me, you can have all the best qualities in the world but if you don’t believe in yourself, it won’t work out for you.

Summary On How To Become A Model.

To become a model in Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries, you can start by

  • choosing a model niche and working on yourself to fit the requirements.

  • maintain a good appearance, stay healthy and build up your portfolio.

  • educate yourself about the industry, and find yourself the right agency. Be wary of scams.

  • Think twice before you sign a contract.

  • Be hardworking, intelligent, consistent, persistent, humble and don’t settle for less.


After working on all of the above, I think i have something you can try that can speed up your chances of becoming a model quickly.

And its has easy as making better use if your social media account. Facebook in particular.

So a couple of months back, i updated my Facebook account to get notified for job vacancies. Not that i needed it but i just want to know how it works…

And lately, i have been getting updates on vacancies around me include MODELING GIGS.

see screenshot below

IMG 20200427 132433 851 IMG 20200427 132352 178

Therefore, in situation whereby, you’re in shape, your portfolio is very well updated etc, you can easily cease opportunities like this.

In truth, i believe you need some extra cash before you find your footing in the modelling industry.

If you don’t mind, here are a couple of fast selling products in Nigeria you can use to make some extra cash needed to sought out expense while working on your dream.

…and that’s it on how to become a model from my end.

what do think I missed? I would like to hear from you so please share a tip or two to help someone become a professional model.

Don’t forget to drop your questions, experts are waiting to hear and answer them.

Thanks for reading.

Agabi Godwin

Authored by Agabi Godwin. A marketing student with a passion for writing and business. Life motto: Plant trees under whose shade you do not plant to sit. Don't let criticism get to your heart ♥ and don't let compliments get to your head.


  1. Hey! Do you know if they make any plugins to help with SEO?
    I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good gains.
    If you know of any please share. Thank you!

  2. Hi good day, my question is if you are in the university can you be a model because I’m in secondary School I’m Just in Jss2

    1. Hi Oyintare,

      Yes! you can become a model at any point in your life including during your university stage or level.

      Even at the level you’re now, becoming a model is also possible.

      But most importantly, you’ll need like a guardian or mentor. Just someone experienced that would properly ensure you’re not misled, taken advantage of, and distracted from your education.

      Goodluck Oyintare.

    1. Hi imabhee,

      Start by working on the above mentioned tips. After that, you can reach someone that’s into modeling and let him/her help you get your big break.

      Consider showing the person your portfolio. This to a great extent shows the level of your seriousness. And that you have something that can be worked on immediately.

    1. People do modeling at age 30. But in your situation, experience is a big deal. I think if you have experience already, it will be easier for any agency to work with.

      However, take this from me, its not impossible for you to become a model at your age. All you have to do is do the needful. Which include all but not limited to getting in shape, picking a niche etc.

      Believe in your self and give your modeling dream all you’ve got. Miracles happen.

  3. Hi my name is bimbo I love 2 be a model and have even contacted some of their agencies but my problem is am not that tall and am still in boarding

    1. Hi Bimbo

      It’s good to know you’ve contacted a few of agencies.

      And your height shouldn’t bother you.
      We have lot’s of petit models in the modeling industry.

      PETITE MODEL: These are models that are on the shorter side- typically 5’4” and under. While they will not be able to find work as a fashion model, petite models can still find work in other categories, such as a print, commercial, glamour, or promotional modeling. Petite models can be sought after for their small hands/feet for print work as well.

  4. Am 17 and an about to enter University and I love modelling i want to know if it is possible for me to face my modelling career and also be facing my studies

  5. Thank you Sir for this explanatory article,I have a question, are there any financial commitments to start out as a model?
    I mean,do aspiring models make payments to the modeling agency that wants to sign them up?

    1. Hey Esther,

      Some agencies do auditions to pin-point their ideal models.

      …it’s possible forms maybe sold to get access to the audition (which may attract a particular fee) and stand a chance of becoming their model.

      Aside that, i don’t think there’s any payment that needs to be done to get signed up.

      However, this Nigeria where anything is possible.

      So i’ll advise you do your personal research by contacting the particular agency you’re interested in working with.

      The essence of this is to know what you’re getting into.


      Getting information from a model who work with the agency in question would be best…

      …because the information will be based on his or her experience thus far.

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