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16 Businesses To Start In Nigeria With 100k

There are a handful of lucrative businesses you can start in Nigeria with 100k or ₦100,000 at hand.

But of course, I could guess if you already knew this, you won’t be here…

So just in case you’re on this website with the questions below in mind

• What business can I start with 100k in Nigeria?
• What business can I start with 100k in Lagos?

Be rest assured you’ll be getting the most updated information on the internet on businesses you can start in Nigeria with 100k here.

For some of us, I know the hard work that goes into saving up a hundred thousand Naira in a country in which the economy isn’t very friendly.
A country whereby you beg to work and beg to get paid.

A country whereby one’s total monthly cost of consuming a proper meal is more than the salary received; if even received in full at all. So to actually get other things done, you just need to go with what’s available on the cheap.

I could go on-and-on on this but that’s literally not why you are here.

You are here to get to know the various businesses you can start with 100k in Nigeria and that’s what you’re going to get.

However, I want you to know I totally understand how difficult it is for you to come up with this amount of money and that’s why I’ve put in a lot of time in coming up with the best information on this topic available on the internet.

Businesses To Do In Nigeria.

Also as a bonus, I will be adding a couple of mandatory steps you need to take to start some of these businesses on the right note.

I believe this is key to helping you know how to leverage your choice of business and help you get on the right path.

NOTE: The information on this website ( entlifeonline )  are very detailed and are provided based on thorough research on various highly profitable business ideas you can start in Nigeria with 100k and less.

That’s with 80k or even 50k, you can actually start some of the businesses listed here. If you cant finish reading at once,  feel free to save up for later.

You should also know that the article entails both offline and online business ideas you can start and make money with the application of good business ethics.

So without any furtherado, let’s dive right in…

Businesses you can start with one hundred thousand Naira (₦100,000 / ₦100k) in Nigeria.

Businesses you can start in Nigeria with 100k

1. Information marketing.

Amongst various businesses to start in Nigeria right now, information marketing is my favourite due to its flexibility and profitability.

This particular business idea is a tested and trusted way of making millions of Naira in Nigeria with 100k or less.

There’s a saying the major difference between the rich and the poor is Information(I’m sure you know this already).

Meanwhile, other Nigerians know this as well and that’s why they’re very willing to quickly pay for certain information they are interested in at a particular time. This is to ensure they seize a particular opportunity or solve an urgent problem.

For example, there are lots of bloggers in Nigeria whose website/blog URL has been banned by Facebook.

Facebook banned url Facebook banned url 1

… and according to reports, Facebook has over 2.4 billion monthly active users which makes it the most popular social network worldwide.

facebook users graph
Image credit:

Now because of the leads or visitor’s web owners and even reputable entrepreneurs with online presence generate by posting information containing their website link (URL) on Facebook, they’re so willing to spend at least ₦5000 on information on how to lift the Facebook ban.

They’re very aware of the number of leads they generate that converts thanks to Facebook. Therefore in other, for them to continue generating more leads which result in more sales, they need to lift that ban like immediately.

Now it’s urgent…


You can’t seize this opportunity because you don’t know how to lift the Facebook URL ban yourself. So sad.

So how does one then seize this opportunity?

That leads to how you can successfully start an information marketing business with ₦100,000 in Nigeria. Funny enough the amount to start this could be less.

However, here’s how to go about it

  • Identify a need / problem
  • Learn a high in demand skill or solution to that problem.
  • Write about it and package it in the form of a guide (e-book)
  • Reach out to your target market via adverts (market communication)
  • Get orders, sell and smile to the bank.

In the case of wanting to promote and sell uplift Facebook URL ban guide to bloggers without knowing any blogger, below is how to go about it.

  • Make your information available in an e-book format.  Similar to the one below
  • Search on Facebook for blogger groups
  • Sign up or join the group.
  • Get noticed or create awareness about your self (optional). To get noticed, answer some questions on the group correctly. You can do this by copying and pasting their questions on Google. Read through it the results on google, highlight where you feel appears to be a direct answer and paste it as a comment on the group.
  • After some time, put up a post on how you intend to help lift the Facebook ban on their URL.
  • You can now sell or randomly pick two persons and help them out for free. When successfully done, have them spread the news. The reason you want to do this is that their testimonies will help you persuade others and will make your future sales swift. And they can also refer people to you.

This same strategy can also be used to leverage

  • E-commerce (mini importation) learn how to import from China and sell in Nigeria.
  • The profitable affiliate network that doesn’t accept Nigerians and how to register as a Nigerian and make money. E.g click bank
  • Guide to opening, sending and receiving money via PayPal in Nigeria.  Etc

But there’s one problem with this business to start in Nigeria after identifying a problem.

  • The right coach/trainer to groom you

Needless to say, they’re lots of so-called professionals in Nigeria.

But If you can get the right person to actually train you on this,  then you’re good to go

Lastly on this particular business to start to in Nigeria , Make sure your information is legit and very true. Tested and trusted.

Don’t scam. Or else your present and the future image will be tarnished forever. Never underestimate the power of the internet.

2. A.B.P.M

(Auto book payment method program)

Would you like to Earn ₦168k Monthly?

If that amount sounds like something you could be interested by just running a simple side hustle…

…then this is one business i highly recommend.

Funny enough, this business doesn’t require any physical presence and your return of investment is 100% guaranteed.

What’s more?

The start up capital is just ₦50k flat for now… But —  will be going up to ₦150k by the end of the month.

I know you need more information on this… And i am here for you.

So, use the Whatsapp icon just by your left to send me a message…

…and I’ll gladly provide you a video with everything you need to know concerning this program.

3. Frozen foods.

bigsams banner

The selling of frozen food is another gem of a business you can start with 100k in Nigeria.

The good news about this business to start in Nigeria is enormous.

And one of them is you can actually start it from the comfort of your home.

The last I checked, an investment of 50k in frozen foods business could generate nothing short of about ₦70,000 to ₦80,000. If you know what you’re doing selling just fishes or fish; it’s very possible.

The only problem I can see here is if you currently don’t have refrigerators to preserve your goods, then the start-up capital could be more than 100k.

Another problem is the issues of power – which in my opinion is a general problem to the majority if not all business owners in Nigeria.

However, this business is one if you can avoid the temptation of eating your goods, you’ll surely make lots of profits.

To start this business in Nigeria, you’ll at least need the following.

  • Refrigerator.
  • Table: for placement and cutting of the frozen food.
  • Short cutlass: For cutting the frozen food.
  • Scale: needed for measurements.
  • Black nylons.
  • Old newspapers or books. Needed for wrapping the frozen Food (fish).
  • Generations: in situations where there’s no power supply, you need this as a backup power supply in other to maintain the freshness of your frozen food.

4. Popcorn business.

Popcorn business to start with 100k

Popcorn business elsewhere could be a petty business. But the reason it ranks amongst the businesses to start in Nigeria is that it’s a goldmine, and could make you as high as ₦500k monthly.

Wait! Don’t get too excited yet; when you do the proper thing by deducting the money for all factors put into the production of the popcorn, it could drop to around ₦250,000. If you ask me, that’s not bad at all.

Needless to say, this is, of course, another very lucrative business you can start with 100k in Nigeria. And below are key materials needed to leverage launch it.

  • Popcorn making machine. (Fun pop 8 oz or ET-POP6A-D ₦62,000). There are also non-electrical ones that cost around ₦20,000 (I’ll advise you to get the machine that works with electricity and also with gas cylinders so you can switch and reduce code when there’s power supply.)
  • Sealing machine ₦10,000 – 15,000
  • Corns.
    Branded Nylons etc.
    For ingredients needed for this business, you’ll need sugar, milk, salt, butter, etc.

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5. Blogging business.

images 8

This is what I am currently doing. And you see that 100k you’ve saved up for it? It’s more than enough to start it.

I actually started mine with ₦4,100 with a monthly host subscription of ₦600 (WordPress). Lest I forget, I bought one course like that for ₦9,000. And I’m grateful I did. If you need it, message Agabi Godwin on Facebook.

Because you’re a reader of my contents, I’ll give you half the price.

That aside…

This blogging thing no easy oooo. That’s the simple truth chum.

If you want to be successful in this business, you’ll need good guidance. And nowadays those guidance doesn’t come for free. It has a price. But one you can afford if you’re willing to take the chance.

Amongst other businesses to start in Nigeria, for me, this is one of the best.

One; because of the convenience.

What’s more,

it offers flexibility and of course profitability.

To start this business successfully, you’ll at least need

  • A good domain name.
  • A reliable host
  • In-depth knowledge on a field, you can write quality articles on
  • Search engine optimization knowledge which includes keywords research knowledge
  • Consistency
  • Laptop and or smartphone.
    With the above at hand, you’re good to go on a blogging journey.
    Just in case you’re wondering if it’s profitable or not? Yes, it is.

Businesses you can start in Nigeria with 100k

But first, you’ll make mistakes. We all do. In fact, my first blog was a total mess. Just make sure you learn from them and keep going. And keep two things in mind.

  • Black hat SEO could get you there but only white hat SEO will keep you there. So don’t do a black hat.
  • Quality, quantity, and consistency will make you rise faster.
    Now that’s another profitable business you can start with ₦100k in Nigeria.

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6. Facebook / social media advertiser.

Businesses to do in Nigeria social media advertising

Another business you should consider starting in Nigeria if you’ve got the means is Facebook / social media advertising.

I know this may appear odd to you, and I get that. But wait on me I’ll make it make sense in a minute.

You see, one thing I am sure of is there are a few persons around you (perhaps around your neighborhood or on friends list online) that have tried Facebook or social media ads and have failed…

…and there are others who don’t really know about it and their business would boom to a large extent if someone applies the right strategy for the business.

In summary, they lack leads/clients who will patronize them.

This where you come in…

With that 100k you have at hand right now to venture into a business, you can actually take around 20 – 30k to master social media advertising from someone who’s currently in the game.

What I mean is, meet a guru on Facebook ads or social media ads and learn how to go about applying it to small scale businesses.

Someone like Ken Udubisi or Courage Ngele (CEO wine house Nigeria .  Very outstanding personalities.

Seeing is believing right?

Or see one handwork of Courage Ngele

Businesses you can start with 100k in Nigeria

NOTE: although some courses are great, I’ll advise you to do all you can to learn this service face to face. Have the person you intend to learn from act the film in front on you. A video course could be a great alternative. That way you’ll know how things go down behind the scenes. And when you want to go about yours, the processes won’t be appear strange and difficult.

Upon the completion of your course, taste your knowledge on small business owners around you for free. And when you start seeing results, have them give testimonies about your service on their various social platforms.

Also, forward their testimonies to your own feed. Experiment with other businesses, fail and learn, win and grow.
After a while, people will know you for an expert in booming small businesses through social media advertising. And that’s the idea.

At this point, your previous results will do the convincing and you can charge has high as ₦200k (depending on the type for business) to run ads for a business that won’t cost up-to 50k.

This is a fact, and I highly recommend it because it’s not just hard work but rather smart work. Which is key to making good money in the 21st century.

In summary, social media advertising service is another legit business you can start with ₦100k in Nigeria and make millions from with time.

Furthermore, there’s a saying look before you leap. So please do a lot of looking before settling for a teacher/trainer or coach. E get why…

If interested in leveraging this business idea, get in touch with those personalities I mentioned earlier.

…just in case you missed them earlier,   check them out below.

Ken Udubisi or Courage Ngele (CEO wine house Nigeria) .  Very outstanding personalities.

They’re the best you can work with.

7. Poultry business.

Businesses to do in Nigeria

There’s a small scale poultry farming business as well as a large one. For your budget, going on a small scale is a good move.           And also it will help you understand the business better which is key to deciding whether or not to expand.
Just so you so know, I have tried this business myself once.

And if there’s anything I learned from the business or noticed, it’s none other than that it requires you to give it a proper commitment.

My poultry business collapsed when I got admission to higher institutions.

There was nobody to fully commit to giving my birds the right treatment at the right and they all fell sick. That’s something you should take note of if you want to start this business.

Medications are very key.

Now with 100k at hand for this business, you could do a lot.

Starting from…

  • The building or buying a cage
  • Foods
  • The birds (I focused on Turkey and broilers only. The turkey was ₦500 while the broilers were ₦200 each, day old.)
  • businesses you can-start in-Nigeria with 100k poultry business

To getting

  • Feeding and water materials.
  • Drugs.
  • Light (fireplace), needed to keep them warm.

Although I didn’t really get to the sweet spot of this business, I know there’s one. Because my friend & neighbor got to that point.

Similar to other businesses to start in Nigeria or businesses you can start with 100k in Nigeria I have mentioned thus far,  poultry farming isn’t short of her own pros.

Below are some of the notable advantages

  • It requires less investment compared to rearing other livestock. …
  • It gives a rapid return on investment.
  • Broilers’ intake of feed is comparatively very low while it produces the maximum possible amount of food for us. …
  • Poultry farming is a continuous source of income

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8. Home-based sewing business.

Seamstress sewing business

To know how much you stand to make monthly by starting your own small sewing business, click here.

For all the information you need to start a tailoring or sewing business at home, click here

9. Mini cyber cafe.

What you need to leverage this business idea on a small scale is just a laptop and an HP Laserjet Pro Mfp M28a Printer – Print + Scan + Photocopy. Well, it doesn’t have to be H.P but just make your preferred choice has the same or better features.

However, check out this detailed guide on how to start an awesome cyber cafe business in your neighborhood.

10. Businesses to Start in Nigeria: P arty rental business

The rental business is literally about having party types of equipment (tables and chairs, canopies, etc) in stock (in large quantities) and making it available to those into event organizations when they need it.

Meanwhile, below are some of the reasons I would advise you to consider this business.

  • First off,  this another business or one of those businesses to start in Nigeria with 100k at hand.
  • It definitely doesn’t require a degree.
  • It helps to build your network. There’s a saying that your network is your network. Now, this business gives you the room to actually meet and partner with other people which is very key in today’s world.
  • It can be done on a part-time basis. In other words, it can serve as a side hustle.
  • Party rental business does not require high technical skills to startup

11. Sewing business ideas

businesses to start in Nigeria

To get different exciting sewing business ideas you can start in Nigeria with 100k click here

12. Mobile barbershop business.

Because you intend to start with a small capital or limited budget of 100k, it’s possible the cash at hand won’t be enough to get the best shop at the right location.

In that wise, you can reach out to your target audience at home and cut their hair. That’s what being a mobile barber is all about.

However,  the price of your service would be different based on your audience’s income. Where another barber is charging ₦300 for a haircut, you charge just ₦500 for a start.

See how you can launch your own awesome barbershop in Nigeria.

13. Natural fruit juice.

Businesses to do in Nigeria natural fruit juice

The sugar amount inside a carbonated drink is very high. Continuous consumption of carbonated drinks will lead to obesity and diabetes. That’s according to on the hazardous effects of carbonated drinks.

The excess sugar leading to diabetes and the fact that carbonated drinks cause brain damage are a few reasons people are taking a no brainer decision as regards avoiding it.

This is where you come in with a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks known as fruit juice.

However, the problem is not about making or producing natural fruit juice. But how do you intend to create massive awareness for your drinks?

The reason people do carbonated drinks a lot is due to convenience. We see them every day and everywhere, and with little or no effort at all we get them because they’re affordable.

You know bigi now, imagine that plenty thing for just ₦100… Very affordable,  That’s why it’s everywhere.

Now, the task for you after producing your quality natural and healthy fruit juice is

  • Coming up with a good brand name (one that’s simple and memorizable)
  • Awareness creation
  • Affordability (using price penetration strategy)
  • Good distribution strategy (intensive)

To leverage this lucrative business idea on a small scale, you’ll at least need

Businesses you can start in Nigeria with 100k

  • A blender
  • Plastic bottles
  • Refrigerator
  • Water
  • Desired fruits and other necessary ingredients

That’s it on fruit juice as one of the businesses you can start with 100k in Nigeria.

14. Production & selling of Organic Skincare products.

Beauty is one of the most profitable markets in Nigeria. And that’s why I highly recommend the production of skin care products as one of those businesses to start in Nigeria if you’ve got the means.

One of the finest I know in this niche goes by the name Toyin lawani, CEO tiannahs empire. When I am writing this post,  She lets you have just one set of her skincare products for 200k. Yes, I mean ₦200,000 for a set of skincare products. And that’s because it works like it’s tested and trusted.

Check out the set of skincare products below.

skin care products

That was just to let you know how profitable this business idea is.

The key to starting this business is good training on how to produce quality skincare products.

You must know how to make what works.

You must also get advance skin knowledge to know the type of skincare product that would match a certain type of skin perfectly.

it’s after that you can start thinking of

  • Producing in large quantities
  • Branding and packaging
  • promotional strategies.

Therefore, you should look out for knowledge on how to make and also understand what works.

Needless to say, this another one of those businesses you can start with 100k in Nigeria and get a reasonable return on investment.

15.  Pos business

if there’s a business with a hungry market right now, its the pos business. check out this detailed guid e to know how to start it and earn at least 100k monthly.

16. Plantain chip business.

Final words on businesses to start in Nigeria.

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My aim was to write on 30 businesses you can start with 100k in Nigeria. Unfortunately, this post is way too long already and that’s because it’s very detailed; so I’ll have to stop here for now.

If you missed the various stages your consumers go through before buying your product click here; Or here for the summary version.

Other businesses you can start with 100k in Nigeria and ways to go about them will be in the second chapter of this article. Thanks for stopping by.

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