How to Start a barbershop (barbing salon) in Nigeria: [Things you need to know]

How to Start a barbershop (barbing salon business) and make 340,000 monthly

Do you want to start a barbershop or start a barbing salon in Nigeria, USA, Ghana, and other countries either as your main or an alternative source of income? I want you to know you are in the right place.

Barbing salon or barbershop which is correct?

Well, that’s not why you are here.

Possible keywords that brought you here.

  • How to start a barbing salon
  • How to Start a barbershop

In terms of the information provided on this article, the above keywords  are both the same. But in relation to which is correct? the term BARBERSHOP takes it all.

In Nigeria, many of us are guilty of using the wrong word(s) barbing salon.

Barbershop is simply the correct word.

Surprisingly, you might come across words like salon, barbing salon etc in this article. Because like I said earlier many of us are guilty as charged.

After reading all the information here, I am positive you will be able to start a barbershop as a business and start counting millions in just a short period of time anywhere in world. Be it Africa, Europe, Asia etc.

Note: If you want to start the barbing salon  business in a big way; or you want to start it with the intention of hiring someone to help you manage it because you are busy, that’s fine. But that means you’ll need to get or hire a few workers.  You should therefore know the way or methods ways or methods of recruitment. The sources of recruitment are ways you can get good employees easily and fast.

Don’t also fail on the factors to consider before employing an individual to work for you [considerations for recruitment ]. If you fail on this you’re likely to be sued for sure. 

This business (start a barbershop) just like the internet cafe business, shoe making business and  football viewing center business are very lucrative businesses you may want to consider going into. They are promising business options with good Return Of investment.

moving forward…

How to start a barbershop

Profit Potential In Starting A Barbershop Business

As at the time am writing this post the cost a local barber charges per person for a haircut is #500 while Home Service is #5000 only in Nigeria.

Personally I visit the barbing salon at least once a week, making it four times a month. 500 x 4 =#2000. which means I spend #2000 monthly on haircut at least; it could be more because sometimes I tend to re shape or trim during the week which isn’t done for free. I know a few individuals who are just like me, spending at least #500 every week on haircut. let’s say a barber get just 20 or more customers to work on daily. #500 x 20 is 10,000. Now #10,000 daily x 7 days a week is #70,000.

Let’s say the barber gets just 3 Home Service jobs in a week. #5000 x 3 that’s 15000. Are You Seeing what am seeing? now let’s do some addition. (customers that came to the shop)#70,000 + #15,000 (Home Service) is #85,000, that’s the total money realised for the week.

Now 85,000 weekly x 4 weeks available in a month equals a whooping #340,000. Now multiply #340,000, the amount least expected monthly x 6 months (half a year). that should be #2040000.

Do you still doubt the fact that this entrepreneurs are secret millionaires?

With your barbershop going well, you can achieve more than that in due time.

we’ve been talking a lot about barbing without knowing what it really means. Just so you barbing has a definition, which I will like to share.


What is barbing?

Barbing can be defined has an act of grooming, dressing, cutting, trimming shaping, tinting, dyeing, and shaving for the purpose of adding visual values to the hairy part of the head region. You’re welcome!.

Barbers motivation.
(Below are some of the reasons that motivated individuals to start barbershop (barbing salon) business in Nigeria).

I took the time to ask people/individuals into the barbing salon business on what really made them chose the business considering, or rather out of various other businesses out there.

Below are some of the responses I got…

  • The reason I chose this business was that; I have a lot of interest in it. Aside that, I love fashion a lot and having a good haircut is a blessing to one’s appearance. I actually started this business to help people people look good. Because no matter how well dressed up someone is, the appearance will be bad or not that pleasing to the eye with a bad haircut or a rough hair.

  • Aside the love I have for this business, barbing is kind of relaxing to me which made me had interest in it. Also, I am the type of person that dislikes hair disease like dandruff, ringworm etc. I noticed such diseases was rampant around me.

    I couldn’t think of another way of helping individuals with hair diseases out. so I had to start  barbershop because it’s one of the best ways to notice the issue and solve them.

  •  Barbing is very lucrative and is very easy. I said it’s easy because barbing isn’t something that requires you applying lots of muscle or too much power. Barbing is a creative work and am the creative type. All that’s really needed is focus. And the ability to think and come out with different styles/ method of delivering the best.

There are so many other reasons that interested individuals into starting the barbing salon business. But; if from the three above you find a reason you should start a barbershop; then continue reading as I would like to share with you straight away; what you need to start this very lucrative business.

How to Start a barbershop (barbing salon) in Nigeria:[Beginner’s guide]

Below are the most important things you need or must have to work on before you start a barbershop.

  1. Education (optional)

Yes it’s optional which means it’s not compulsory you have it in Nigeria. You don’t really need to have a degree in barbing before pursuing a business career in it.

But allow me share you something important. If you’re a student reading this; perhaps in school with the aim to start a barbershop business one day, you should therefore take or consider the educational, educative, or educating (whichever is the word) aspect of this business seriously.

Note that you don’t have to change your future or current field of study (course) to do this. A lot of people won’t tell you this for reasons best known for them but I will do because your success means a lot to me.

While in school (college or university, polytechnic, college of education), you will have or be provided the opportunity to learn a study on a vocational skill and entrepreneurship study, in which a technical manual will be provided for purchase for those interested in the line of business.

If you are interested in beauty and fashion or you’ve made up your mind on going into the barbershop business, you could go for the barbing course or manual (handout) provided despite or amongst many other entrepreneurship skill program that will be organized by your institution.

Example of a technical manual 

Barbing salon technical manual.
Barbershop technical manual.

The advantage of this is that the manual provided will give you a lot of insight on barbing which will be helpful during the course of your training.

You’ll agree with me that having a little knowledge on something prompt decent questions which will lead to good answers and mastering afterwards.

During your training to start a barbershop of your own, nobody or trainer or boss will automatically start telling you every single thing you need to know about barbing.

Things Like the human hair is classified into different bases; neither will be told the meaning or the definition of barbing.

During the course of my research, I got to interview about 10 different barbers basically on the right/correct definition of barbing and none of them could give me a good answer. I don’t think barbing has a definition or dose it? Said one of barbers I asked… And that’s one disadvantage of lack of education.

Once again, education or a degree for the barbing salon business is 80% not compulsory, it’s very optional. But if presented the opportunity to learn a thing or two about any skill of your choice; be it fashion designing, catering, car wash etc.
Why not go for it? after all it won’t hurt you or will it?.

Knowledge is power, remember that…

2.  Learn the skill (Barbing)

This is arguably the most important success factor(s) to start a barbershop. This aspect will in no doubt determine your success or failure running a barbing salon business in the nearest future.

You need to learn how to give a very good haircut.

Based on research, the appropriate length of months suggested to perfect your barbing skill is 12 months. However, some individuals tend to spend 6 months learning how to deliver a good haircut. It all depends on your level of understanding, how quickly you can get to know important things or everything related to barbing.

Make sure you do your personal research on where to acquire your barbing skill as it is very important. An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree they say; which in this case means if you get your training from a very good barber, you stand the chance to be good yourself and vice versa.

It’s advisable you get your training from someone who has relatively high patronage with – years of experience .

Learning from a trainer with lots of customers is very important because there will be no time for play and most importantly you will stand the chance to learn and deliver different hair styles. Customers are different. Not all individuals will come for the same hair style throughout your barbing career.

Learn the various trendy haircut styles to keep your customers satisfied and coming back.

Hair styles
Hair styles

3. Management skill

Management too is important to start a barbershop business. That’s why its Third on my list.

During your course of training you should also learn or copy the management techniques adopted by your boss to grow his barbing salon to such high level.

For your barbing salon or barbershop to be a success on the long run, you need to prioritize satisfying customers.

Aside that, the way you manage salon affairs which involves planning, organizing, staffing, controlling etc plays key roles in its success, not forgetting cash flow management.

Focus is key during training. When you are focused during training, you tend to know every techniques needed to be known to run a business.

Note: Nobody is perfect, and your boss isn’t exempted. There must be things your boss isn’t doing right or you felt could’ve been done in a different way during the course of your training which you noticed. Make sure you note it and work hard on them when you start a barbershop of your own.

For example, maybe your boss gives no room for suggestions or opinions; how do you work on this? Be open to opinions and suggestions but be careful as well the ones you implement.

  4. Get a good location / rent a shop.

A good location is very important to start a barbershop.

Your location is basically the place where your salon business will be located or sited. It’s otherwise known as the place where your shop/space will be sited so that customers can reach you for your services.

During the course of searching for a barbing salon shop at a good spot to rent, have in mind the exposure of the shop. Let’s say you found a shop at a complex or a mall and you are ready to be sited there. Considering, analysing or looking at the structure of complex or mall, make sure the shop is at the outer part of the complex not on the inside (that is a shop in the complex that is more or very expose). The essence of this is for people to quickly and easily notice and locate you.

Furthermore, it’s advisable you get a shop that is very spacious both on the inside and on the outside.

The benefit of this is that, your customers will have the chance to park their cars, bikes etc, enter into the shop and can also wait on another customer that is being worked on comfortably without any issue. Why? Because you’ve made life easy for them by being located at a spacious place both internally and externally.

Lastly, when you start a barbershop of your own, make sure you are not located at a place boosting of a high crime rate. Customers value life and prosperity. 

5. Choose a name

Brainstorm on a perfect name for your barbershop.

Getting a good name for your barbing salon  business is very important. A good business name helps you spread like wide fire in little or no time. A business name is what represents your business or the tag of your business.

You should consider the following when choosing a business name.

  • Simple and memorizable

Your business name should be very simple and easy to understand for everyone.

  • Meaningful

It should be that of when heard, speaks or passes a lot of information about what you do without mentioning what you’re into. Example Best touch barbing salon.

How to get a good business name

Recommended: You can consider what you are popularly know as or called as your business name.

It could be your last name, first name, or even your Nick name.

You can also reach out to a professional to help you out with a business name for a particular fee. The secondary thing you need to do is provide the person details of your business.

Lastly, you can try the online business name generators for a good business  name.

Benefits of a good business name 

  1. When you’ve got a simple, meaningful and understandable business name, it helps individuals refer their friends or colleagues to you without much difficulty.
  2. It also helps in locating you easily.


6. Get your license.

A barbering license is a must to  acknowledge a professional barber.

You need one too for proper identification.

Requirements to obtain license differs based on your barbershop or barbing salon business location. Know your current location requirements and make sure you fit in before you apply. Acquiring a license isn’t free though, it requires some cash.

 7. Write a detailed business plan.

You can actually settled down and write a good business plan yourself. You business plan should contain all of the above mentioned points and more.


8. Paint your shop.

Now you have your barbing salon shop already at your desired location, the next thing to do to set up is paint it. Actually the colour of paint to use is left for you to decide but it’s advisable you don’t paint the shop plain white. It’s too common, you can do better than that.

Painting your shop helps in beautifying it and therefore needs a bit of creativity or a professional touch to make it look absolutely wonderful. You can get a good decorator to help you out with this in other to get the best possible result if you have the cash.

9. Furnish your shop
To furnish – is to make sure all the necessary furniture’s like shelves, chairs and other necessary equipments are available in your shop. Make sure to properly arrange or place necessary equipments not to the detriment of other needed spaces.

Having served as a trainee at a top notch barbing salon, you should be able to furnish and arrange your salon similarly or better with possible adjustment where necessary; based on your experience.

Lastly, Make sure you have a printed list of prices you charge for a haircut and other related services; based on the sex of the individual, Age, style etc.

Post the price list boldly on the wall where customers can easily see.

EQUIPMENTS NEEDED TO Start a barbershop (barbing salon)


(Below are some of the necessary equipments and their uses needed in a barbing salon)

  • Clipper

(A machine used to shave, shape, trim or cut hairs into different styles).

barbershop Equipments

You must have tried different clippers during your training to enable you know the very best to go for. example; Phillips etc.

How to start a barbershop

  • Mirror (a glass use to see one’s self)

The mirrors should be of very decent size and of high quality. The mirrors are to be  positioned well for customers to be able to have a clear view of the side and back of the head. This positioning enables customers suggest possible adjustment /make suggestions on the outcome of their preferred hair style.

  • Sterilizers

Your salon shouldn’t be a place where diseases such as dandruff, barber itch, ringworm etc are passed from one customer to another. To make sure it’s not, you do need to get sterilizers and make your barbing instruments (clippers, blades etc) and environment germs free.

  • Chairs / benches (used for sitting)

Its no news you’ll need chairs for your customers to sit while you work on them. You should also get a few benches or chairs (which ever you desire) for other customers who will need something to sit on while awaiting your service.

  • Carpet/tiles

You’ll need to get carpets or tiles depending on your financial capability to cover the floor of your barbing salon shop. You might or may be lucky enough to meet tiles in good condition there sometimes, having been left by the former occupant(s) of the shop or by the owners.

  • Price list:

Barbershop (Barbing salon) price list

  • Signboard/banner

Before you actually start a barbershop, make sure you get a good signboard or banner. Because it’s a means of advert.

It helps individuals (passers by) know a barbing salon is around that area.

Your signboard should contain information or details on how customers can locate and contact you.

It should entail the following details at the very least

* Business name (boldly written)
* Shop or location address (The address should include the street name of your barbershop and the shop number)

* Contact number /Tel number (It should be your primary phone number aka hotline)

* Motto (Can be a sentence or phrase with meaning in relation to salon business)


* You can also ask for a photo of someone having a haircut / someone with a decent haircut to be included.


Barbing salon banner

Yours should be better.

Facial Powders

We all know the basic home use of powders.

But in a barbershop, powders can play a little more important roles in shaping. clippers are used for shaping, no doubt. But powders can be used to trace or draw the style needed by the customer before applying the use of a clipper to avoid mistakes.FB IMG 1536092644813

The white traces on face of the customer in the image above are powders.

Other equipments are needed in a barbing salon:- 

Chairs, towel warmer, Basins, aprons, Entertainment gadgets (television etc), standby generator, Fans and or Air conditioners, Barbing wallpapers etc


The cost of starting the barbing salon  business in Nigeria actually depends on things like shop rent and how you intend to start up.
In terms of shot rent/location… The prices varies based on the location or area of the shop which will determine it exposure. The more exposed a shop or location is the more it’s likely to cost.

You can’t get a shop in Ibadan at a particular price and expect to get a shop in Lagos for the same price. The one at Lagos is likely to cost more.

In terms of Start up… Do you want to start your salon business in a big way or in a small way? Whatever you answer is, the cost of starting the business won’t be the same.

However to startup a medium size barbershop business in Nigeria should cost around #350,000 which could include a shop rent for a year.

  • You can engage in a pedicure and manicure services for interested customers.
  • Sell recommend hair treatment creams, clippers, brush, dyes etc.
  • Apply hair dyes for interested customers.


It’s easy to do.

It’s profitable.

It reduces unemployment.

It can serve as an alternative source of income.


* Lack of finance to start up.

You can always contact your family members  for start up capital or the bank for loans to get the business up and running; but in most cases, it’s not always easy to gather the needed capital. And this is due to the fact that all fingers are not equal.

* inability to satisfy customers.

No one is above mistakes. And no matter what you do or how good you are, not all customers will leave your shop 100% satisfied with your service.

* Lack of power supply.

* competition

Every business has a competition and the barbershop business  appears to also be a competitive one. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make 6 figures monthly, just make sure you are very good at what you do and make use of various strategies to promote your business.

* Long-term business growth

The barbershop business takes time to fully take off and that signifies the need for patience. You can’t possibly start getting around 40 – 50 customers daily as you’re just starting out. This is because some people are the laggard type In the consumer adoption process. And this type individuals (laggards) tend to depend on reviews before trying a new product or service.

* Expenses (monthly or weekly)

These are money you need to pay perhaps for tax or to sharpen your clippers and the likes. Other include money spent on oil, powders, fuel, dry cleaning, transportation fare, spray, clipper maintenance, generator servicing, salaries and wages etc.

* lack of  good, reliable, and competent workers. 

The only person that can take very good care of your business is you. Getting someone else that’s ready to treat your business is getting more difficult in the 21st century. This is because most employees care more about their bonuses, salaries or wages.

For example; Money spent on oil, powders, fuel, dry cleaning, transportation fare, spray, clipper maintenance, generator servicing, salaries and wages etc

I hope you got all the necessary information needed on how to start a barbershop reading this article. Got questions? Ask them via the comment section this blog.

Note:Good barbing skill and location are key success factors to start a barbing salon business. Make you search for a good location and do the needful to start and succeed. Good luck.



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