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High in demand products or fast selling products online are the now and future in Nigeria. Just so you know, there are simply the keys to unlocking millions of naira within a short period of time using the internet. With all sincerity, the products listed here can be sold both online and offline. This is because the demand is high and as long as you’re capable of meeting up with the demand, you’ll definitely make lots of money.

NOTE: I appreciate you being here, that’s why i have prepared a mouthwatering bonus for you… The later part of this article entails four very lucrative and high in demand product in Nigeria often underrated or over looked by many individuals. This product(s) requires very little to start up in terms of capital and other resources. Make sure you check them out.

Furthermore before we get right into why you are here, i want you to know any product can be sold online to anyone. The basics is just being able to meet orders at desired location when needed and in the right quantity too. If you can do this, then you’re good to go.

4 simple ways to start selling online

1. Identify or create products that solve a problem.
2. Find products you and other people are passionate about.
3. Identify and serve niche segments.
4. Run ads to create awareness and start selling.

Below are several places to sell your products online:

  • Your website.
  • Amazon.
  • eBay.
  • Google Shopping.
  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Pinterest.
  • Etsy.
  • Craigslist.
  • Email.
  • Affiliate sites.
  • Ecommerce landing page

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Without wasting any more time, let’s get to the high in demand & fast selling products online in Nigeria right now in 2022.

40 Fast Selling Product Online In Nigeria In 2022.

Fast selling products online in Nigeria

1. Information:

Without doubt, one of the difference between the rich and the poor is Information(I’m sure you know this already). But do you know that having timely information coupled with the ability to implement it is one of the quickest way out of poverty?
Like seriously, If you have something tangible right now (decent knowledge on a particular skill), I want you to know that they’re lots of people out there who are willing to splash a few bucks on key information you already have right now. For example, if you’ve got tested and trusted  info on ways one can start a legit importation business in Nigeria, or confirmed marketing hacks you’ve got thousands of $ in you already.

fast selling product online in Nigeria information

All you have to do is think of a creative way to
make the information available to your target audience and you’ll start smiling to the bank.

Imagine getting what you know right now to just 200 persons for a fee of ₦5000. That’s a whooping 1,000,000. Truth be told, the accumulation of a few individuals income in Nigeria for 2 years still wouldn’t match that.

How do I know I’ve got something valuable in me?

  • (problem identification) Ask a few persons if they know something you’re really good at and if
    they’ll be willing to get the knowledge. If yes…
  • Create a problem solving video or e-book course on it and share with 5 persons for free (That’s
    test marketing. And the major reason it’s essential is to get reviews if your work is good or
    otherwise. In a situation whereby the reviews turns out positive…
  •  Most importantly, run proper advert on the product with the reviews.
  • Smile to the bank.

…I’ll be willing to try your course on legit mini importation business. If it works I will share with
my audience for you free of charge while you make your money)…

land was wealth 300 years ago. So the person who owned land, owned wealth. Later, wealth was in
factories and production, and American rose to dominance. The industrialist owned the wealth. Today
wealth is in information. And the person who has the most timely information owns the wealth. (Robert
kiyosaki in Rich dad poor dad).

Believe me information is the number one (1) hot and fast selling products online in Nigeria.

Your task right now is to

  •  Learn a problem solving skill Or interview someone who has
  • Birth a detailed video or e-book course on it.
  • Market it to your target audience.
  • Smile to the bank.

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2. Hair extensions

fast selling products in Nigeria hair extensions

The Nigerian population has crossed the 180-200 boundary. According to research, the total population of this great country is over 200 million. And that figure is growing rapidly because the government is doing Little or nothing to curb it.

Although this figure is worrisome due to our not so good economy, there’s a bright side to it…

…those of us with something tangible to sell online now have more people to buy. So if before I was targeting just 2000 people and expecting sales from just 200 persons, I can confidently increase my target audience to 3000 / 4000 or even 5000 for a fee of ₦5000 from just 300 persons. I’ll allow you do the match your self and smile at the result.

According to further research, women are said to be more than men. And the saying goes thus: never get in between a woman and her hair.

Nigerian ladies are highly fashionable and they follow up fashion trends like a baby would cry after the mom. This cry makes hair extensions very high in demand with a promising future on the long run. Hair extensions and synthetic hair varies in style and quality ranging from Peruvian hair to Brazilian hair and the likes.

Most of these product even cost more than ₦30,000 and could be priced as high as ₦50k to ₦100k or more.

Nevertheless, Nigeria women don’t mind and are willing to splash the cash on different types available to look beautiful anyday anytime.FB IMG 15729563866407842; and that’s the reason hair extensions is another high in demand products in Nigeria right now.

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3. A.B.P.M

(Auto book payment method program)

Would you like to Earn ₦168k Monthly?

If that amount sounds like something you could be interested by just running a simple side hustle…

…then this is one business i highly recommend.

Funny enough, this business doesn’t require any physical presence and your return of investment is 100% guaranteed.

What’s more?

The start up capital is just ₦50k flat for now… But —  will be going up to ₦150k by the end of the month.

I know you need more information on this… And i am here for you.

So, use the Whatsapp icon just by your left to send me a message…

…and I’ll gladly provide you a video with everything you need to know concerning this program.

4. Clothes (fashion)

fast selling products in Nigeria

Truth be told, the level of packaging in Nigeria is second to none in the whole of Africa.

…this nah wetin you self know — And it’s literally no surprise why clothes and fashion rank number 3 on my high in demand / fast selling products online in Nigeria.

Although men are now stepping up in fashion and the market is growing steadily, women fashion still cut it for me.
Some argue that Nigerians are flashy but on the contrary, I simply say we just love to look good at all time no matter the situation — even if sometimes it’s just to impress.

Now seriously, the need for clothes can’t be overemphasized; as its something we literally can’t do without.

…Nigerians care a lot about their appearance.

…and the secret to succeeding is as easy as providing your target audience hot unique designs when needed.

For a fashion designer, now is your  chance to improve your level of creativity make money. Get yourself into working on what’s trending which include but not limited to

  •  Ankara suit For men and women
  • Long designer dress (gowns)
  • Kids clothing
  • Denim (jeans)
  • Office and other casual wears etc.

With all sincerity, the fashion world in Nigeria is becoming saturated; because all of people are now claiming fashionistas lately… But of course there’s still room more unique and creative designs — that’s if you can come up with one and promote it though.

One of the best ways to promote your idea as a fashion designer is to gift Influencers your wears…

…contact them to know their measurement and then come up with something for them; and request they mention your brand…

For example, see photo below…

IMG 20191114 190435 670

Because they’re hugely followed not forgetting loved, their followers are likely to patronize you for something similar when you get a mention.

Another way you can break into the fashion world successfully is by picking a niche. Don’t come with the intention of targeting everybody with your work.

…Imagine being the best Ankara Jean producer, seller or supplier in the whole of Lagos. Is that great for s start?

…that’s the beauty of picking a niche. Instead of being tagged “Jack of all trade master of none”

for some really cool / dope ankara styles you can get inspiration from, click here... that’s it on my on my 3rd fast selling products online in Nigeria

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5. Smart phones and accessories

high in demand products in Nigeria smartphone

The recently released world internet-user list sees Nigerians rank top 10 globally.

…ladies and gentlemen the hustle is real…

The research shows why there’s a significant increase in the demand for phones and other accessories which aid both phone and internet usage. Aside that, the need for swift communication is ever green.

…check this out…

Millions are gaining admission into higher learning institutions and of course they need to stay in touch with their parent/guardians. And at the same time they need to be flaunting something trendy so as not be viewed as broke amongst their peers.

The aforementioned points and a couple of others as led to the high demand for this product which makes it another hot and fast selling products online in Nigeria.

High in demand phone accessories you an sell online also include

fast selling products phone accessories

  • 6. Screen guard(s)

  • 7. Bluetooth earphones (ear pods)

  • 8. Charger(s)

  • 9. Phone case(s)

  • 10. Memory card etc.

Although phone and accessories may appear to be the business for you , I want you to understand that the competition here is also high. Therefore you may need complete research on the market and develop a strategic way to penetrate it. its the bitter truth…

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11. Houses (real estate)

The real estate business is a goldmine leveraged by not so many individuals in Nigeria. And I want you to add to that list…

high in demand products in Nigeria

A simple 2-bed room flat could cost around N300,000 or more per year, depending on the area or location of your building. Now imagine having just 10 house available for rent for ₦300,000. That’s 300,000 x  10 = ₦3,00000 – In essence, every year you’re sure of a whooping 3 million naira.  Because they’re more likely to renew their rent than not; or you take in someone else for the same price.

 Check this out: how to start a boutique (detailed guide) 

Is this (real estate) business really high in demand?

…check this out.


  • Every year people retire and are forced to leave their temporary residents to their permanent ones i.e soldiers.
  • Annually people graduate from higher institutions and in their quest to becoming independent, leave their parents house in search of theirs.
  • The same goes for newly admitted students into higher learning institutions – with the most common being those who seek shelter closest to their work place. Not forgetting the rise in the country’s population has also led to a rise in the demand for shelter.

I hope with this few points of mine I have been able to confuse — sorry convince you that real estate is another fast selling products online in Nigeria. Lol 😂

Although finance is key to leveraging real estate, your knowledge and intelligence, not forgetting your ability to take calculated risk (e.g loans to getting started) is also important.

Houses are high in demand and will forever be. Therefore i’ll advise you consider this lucrative business idea… that’s it on my 10th fast selling products online in Nigeria.

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12. Furniture

high in demand products in Nigeria furniture

Come to think of it, is there any home, office, institute or industry without a piece of furniture? Such as chairs, tables, bed, boards, etc. Having a closer look at this business has revealed that’s its a big one; not in terms of just income this time, but also in terms of niches or segments.

We have various segments such as

  • Office furniture
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Sitting room
  • Dining furniture etc. All available in different designs and sizes…

Based on my result, the big guns in this industry fall in one of the categories below

  • Manufacturers of furniture themselves
  • Have direct link to those who are into building furniture either home or abroad.

My advice to making it big here is to

  • Conduct market research to discover the furniture trend in your area, state or desired business location
  • Go in search of a supplier for that type of furniture
  • Focus and build authority in that niche.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea to be known as the NO 1 KITCHEN FURNITURE DEALER in Onitsha or Ibadan. And with time you’ll be ranked amongst the best in the nation.

New! : Shoe manufacturing business plan

13. liquid soaps and detergents

liquid soaps

we all know soaps and detergents in one way or the other, happens to be items we make use of everyday – for stuffs like washing, bathing, cleaning and the likes. These product are needed (must use) basically not wanted (optional) and its no surprise why its another high in demand products in Nigeria.

Although this business is easy to leverage when compared to others, i wont deceive you by telling you it requires little effort to succeed in.

There are lots of detergents & soaps scattered all over the hooks and crannies of the nation. This shows that the competition in this market is really high.

…Needless to say, everyone needs this product…right!        that’s why its one of a few fast selling products online in Nigeria…

…but the big question is how do you make the target market leave their current trusted soap and detergent for yours?

In my opinion, one of the quick ways to make it big here is by becoming a major supplier to retailers.

  • Reach out to serious minded retailers and offer them a deal than their current supplier.
  • After that, make sure their orders are available to them as at when needed. The saying goes thus; if you can’t beat them join them.

In a couple of months or years, it’s possible that you must have have name in the market. This I mean as having a good network, followers or connection. When your network is strong you can then

  • Work on your well packaged, branded and high quality detergent
  • Supply it to the retailers as a new product you recommend because it’s good
  • Tell the retailer to also recommend it to the final consumers.
  • Make sure to get reviews or feedback of the product and work on negativity if any.

You won’t hit the roof over overnight, but with time you’ll grow.  As long as your product is of high quality and cheaper, you’re more likely to succeed than not.

14. Cosmetics

fast selling products cosmetics

Beauty and lifestyle is one of the top niches selling fast online not just in Nigeria but also in the world right now.

Just recently Kyle Jenner (one of the Kardashians sisters) became the quickest person in the world to hit the billionaire mark at the age of 21; beating Facebook c.e.o mark Zuckerberg who became a billionaire at the age of 23.

And yes! She’s into cosmetics – selling lipstick, eye shadow and the likes got her her billions…One of the things most people don’t know is that cosmetics sell faster than hair extensions.

Sometimes women decides to go natural — without attachment (hair extensions), they just can’t resist the blessing of their brown powder and pink or red lipstick.

Although Nigeria women are naturally beautiful, they enhance their beauty with the use of cosmetics. Some even claim cosmetics makes them feel confident and its something they really can’t do without.

You don’t have to be a makeup artist to leverage this business idea. But of course being one gives you an edge over those who aren’t as you stand a better chance of making millions with this product. Because you can also sell to interested customers for their personal use.

15. Jewelry

fast selling products online in Nigeria jewellries

The bond between women and gold — no matter how hard you try, you can’t trace it. This doesn’t mean men don’t patronize gold, of course they do. But it’s like you’re dragging the tail of a tiger when you try to come between a woman and her gold.

The reason for this no nonsense is simple —To impress and Gold as a commodity is of very high value. Research as shown that one of the best ways to save money is to buy gold. Because this commodity happens to be one of those that doesn’t lose value.

Having said that, the jewelry business needless to say, is a very lucrative business as this commodity ranks amongst the hot and fast selling products online in Nigeria need on my research.

I believe it’s worth mentioning that due to the high level of creativity in Nigeria, jewelries have been diversified into different types. And this as made the majority of people fall in to one category or the other. We now have Ankara looking / made jewelries, wire works, beads etc.

high in demand products in Nigeria

Therefore if you’re interested in selling jewelries online in Nigeria, you’ve made the right choice. However, I would advice you pick a niche for a start and build an authority before diversifying.

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16. Food

We all need Food — it’s one of the key basic needs of life and because I know you know this, I won’t be dwelling much on it.

But you need to understand that the reason why food has always done well and will continue to do well in the market is because it’s needed not wanted. Its needed for survival which makes it a commodity we can’t do without one way or the other.

Understand this; want is optional but need is mandatory — we can’t do without it. That’s why its advisable to always build a business around consumers needs sometimes. It just cant help but be among the high in demand products in Nigeria. Ahbi you never chao today?

17. Cooking gas


Categorizing this product under household or kitchen utensils alongside sister products
like stoves, pot Trey, pan and the likes… but this product is what I the kitchen love.
Many homes who don’t already have this in their kitchen are looking at the possibility of a cooking gas
asap. And the reason is because it tends be faster when compared to the likes of hot plate or electric
stove, coal pot, firewood etc and that’s why is among the high in demand products in Nigeria.

It’s other benefits include

  • It’s very affordable and comes in different sizes
  • 100% smoke free
  • Doesn’t require electricity to work

All of the above and more are the reasons people are demanding for cooking gas cylinders. And if you’re looking for a hot and fast selling products online in Nigeria that require little knowledge and capital to start up,
look no further as this is the one for you.

18. Generators


Power supply is major problem in Nigeria and until that is rectified which, sadly, is definitely not soon, the demand for generators will just keep increasing. The need for power can’t be underestimated but since we lack it to am extent, we have to turn to the alternative in generators which is available for a fee. The demand for this product is not a problem – the problem is discovering where it’s needed the most and supply at the right time.

See this product happen to be among the fast selling products online in Nigeria for a reason. And that why you need to take it online to be open to millions of people. If you can do this, then you’re in for a lot of money on the long run.

Allow me summarize other fast selling products online in Nigeria by just listing them. Because If i’m to continue writing on all of the high in demand products in Nigeria right now, it will like forever to get through with.

however feel free to drop a comment on any product you require more information on. Don’t Forget to Check Out The BONUS though.

Other high in demand products in Nigeria / fast selling products online in Nigeria In 2022 Include:

Fast selling products in Nigeria
Fast selling products in Nigeria

19. Electronics

20. Laptops and gadgets

21. Car tracker

22. Mobile phone

23. Natural grey hair removal

24. Sport earphones

25. Children toys

26. CCTV cameras

27. Mini pen camera

28. Portable baby bed

29. Stop snoring

30. Washing machine

31. Woods

32. Car and truck tire.

33. Mini Tracker

34. Multi-functional Vegetable Fruit Peeler

35. White Light Teeth Whitener

36. Sport Earphones

37.Disposable baby diapers


BONUS: Four (4) very high in demand products in Nigeria you can leverage easily

 38 Water

This is another high in demand commodity we can’t do without. just so you know, some states in Nigeria do import water from other states in Nigeria due to pollution from crude oil. Whenever they attempt to source water from their land, they get crude oil instead.

The natural resources which ought to give them joy is more like a curse in disguise.
My advise is to do your research to confirm those states and it’s just logical you do the extra to supplying them their needs. Where I stayed the last I visited Enugu and Abia state, we had to buy water to survive. And sometimes even with our money we can’t get water because the retailers are not sure of supplies soon; and they also need water to survive. Its that bad in some part of Nigeria and all you need do is look out for where the product is high in demand and supply them.

39 Sand

There’s huge profit in supplying sand that they often overlook the business. I was once In your shoes though… back then I was blind to the profit in this product until my family started working on our family house.

I could still picture my dads face anytime the labourers request for more supplies of sand. It even got to a point we had to level the ones in our compound to fill the house and still bought another type for plastering. If you haven’t been in my shoes, you won’t understand and I don’t blame you for that. But please understand this…

…a truck or pick up of sand is around 8k — 10k in Ibadan.

In places like Lagos, it goes for at least 15k or more. Now if you can get just 10 supply me job a week for ₦10,000;
that’s around ₦100,000. Let’s say you spent 20,000 for expense that came up during the course of your
supplies, you’ll be left with ₦80,000 for just that week. That isn’t bad for an income in just a week if you’d ask me.

This business is all about networking and the best person to network with will be water suppliers, labourers and architects. If you can do this and also get where you can rent truck for a start, you will definitely make a lot of money in this business.

40 Cement

41 Building materials

42 Pos business.

if there’s a business with a hungry market right now, its the pos business. check out this detailed guide to know how to start it and earn at least 100k monthly.

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Based on our research, that’s it for now on high in demand products / fast selling products online in Nigeria in 2022. 

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Note: This list is subject to amendments as time goes on; Because the trends in terms of product that are fast selling online in Nigeria may change at anytime. And of course it is our duty to keep you in the know / updated on product with high market attractiveness.


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Let us know of any fast selling product you know we missed via the comment section. Thanks for stopping by.

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