6 Awesome Tips You Need To Start Grasscutter Farming Business

Attention aspiring entrepreneur! Are you interested in knowing how to start a grasscutter farming business in Nigeria ?

If yes, allow me to take you through the right process of launching a successful grasscutter farming in Nigeria and other African countries.

But, I have one quick question…
….are you ready to learn?

I asked that because unlike others, I won’t just highlight the steps in starting this business, No. That’s not what entlifeonline is about.

However, I would rather present you with an in-depth guide on how to successfully start a highly profitable grasscutter business . Nothing short!

Therefore if you’re truly ready to learn, stick around and make sure you read this to the end.

But before we get into the business of the day, they’re a couple of facts you need to know on grasscutter business.

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  • According to the conservation international, grasscutter is the second most preferred meat after the chicken.

Grasscutter is also the most patronized bush meat in spite of its high cost.

  • Grasscutter farming business is a good source of supplementing the country’s inadequate protein needs which is dependent on conventional life stock
  • It also helps a country earn foreign exchange from exportation.

I reckon you’d like to know what you stand to gain financially when you enter this business. So, allow me to make you understand how profitable this grasscutter farming business is.

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How Profitable Is Grasscutter Farming In Nigeria

images 11
Image credit: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-319-27912-1_10

(Profitability of grasscutter farming business in Nigeria)

A healthy and matured grasscutter which weigh about 4-4.5kg for male and of 3-3.5kg for the female is marketable; And can sell for a minimum of just ₦4,500.

Grasscutter is blessed with fast reproduction. This reproduction occurs twice in a year with at least 5-9 infant grasscutters after each production or reproduction. So if you have like 100 female grasscutters that produce twice annually, your grasscutters could rise to about 900 – 1,500 within just a year. Now that’s worth at least 5 million Naira when they’re matured for marketing.

However, because uncertainties do occur while running a business, let say you were then able to have just 500 mature grasscutters available for marketing out of 1,500 by the end of the year.

Therefore, 500 (grasscutters) x ₦4,500 (price for one) = ₦2,250,000. In essence, despite the uncertainties, you’re sure of making at least 2 million Naira in total. Remember grasscutters are expensive. And the price of a mature cutter could be more than ₦4,500. So what if they’re now worth 6000 or 7000? Do the math.

Having said that, let now dive into how you can start a lucrative grasscutter farming business in Nigeria and the likes of Ghana, South Africa, Uganda etc

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Grasscutter farming: Step By Step Guide For Beginners. Grasscutter cages

1. Get a grasscutter cage (pen)

The first step to take if you intend to start a grasscutter farming business right away is to arrange for a cage. Needless to say, this is where the grasscutters will stay so it’s something you can’t do without.

The two ways you can go about this is either you

  • Build or construct a pen yourself OR
  • Purchase one.

However, you don’t like what you see when you intend to purchase one, you can always get like a carpenter to help you come up with something really suitable for the grasscutters.

  • Set up the pen
    While setting up the pen, you should take Into consideration a few very important things;
  • Grasscutters don’t like dirty environments. So work on a neat pen.
  • The place should not be too cold and hot; they prefer a Normal temperature like that a human would survive in.
  • The floor of the cage should be filled with dry soft grass, which protects the grasscutters feet from any damage and gives them a chance to enjoy the soft cushy ground.
  • And most importantly, they don’t like to eat the exact place or spot they feed.

In essence, if you want them to survive, a proper setting of the pen should be done carefully. This is why setting up the pen is very key to starting a grasscutter farming business.

Furthermore, there’s a need for you to ensure 3 things are in order while setting up the house, cage or pen.

  • Sleeping place,
  • Dining place, and
  • Playing place.

For a colony, (1 male and 3 females grasscutters) the dimension of the cage should be 180cm in length, 60cm in width and 45cm in height. Build your cage that way, separate for each colony.

Like I said earlier if you can’t find the perfect pen to buy for your grasscutters, ensure you figure out a way to construct the best possible. It’s very important for their survival.

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2.  Get a colony

Firstly, grasscutters live in the colony; which comprises of one mature male grasscutter and three-four female grasscutters.

Secondly, two male grasscutters can’t live together. Don’t ask me why cause I don’t know myself. But what I’m 100% certain off is two male grasscutters doesn’t live together.

Thirdly, the number of colonies you intend to start your grasscutter farming business with solely depends on your desired business scale; which of course could be small medium or big.

Therefore if you intend to start an on a small or micro scale, 3 – 5 colonies will do in my opinion.

Pro Tip : Starting any business on a micro or small scale is best. This is because it helps you

  • Maximize finance
  • Better understand the business e.g your estimated profit in the long run.
  • Get familiar with the challenges and how to overcome them
  • Lastly, starting a business on a small scale helps you come to the conclusion on whether the business is worth expanding or not.

Pro Tip : with only one colony which consists of a male grasscutter and four female grasscutters, you can make at least ₦600,000 a year if marketed properly. So why rush the process?

While in search for healthy grasscutters to purchase in other to start a grasscutter farming business in Nigeria, below are some of the tips you should consider.

  • Liveliness; the grasscutter must be very active and lively.
  • Their waste should not be wet. In other words, make sure to check the waste of your desired grasscutters to confirm their health state. When it’s dry, it means they’re in good health. If otherwise, you should probably purchase somewhere else.
  • They should not be too thin
  • And lastly, they should be attractive. This may appear funny to you but according to an expert, a grasscutter is said to in good condition if it appears to be very beautiful to look at.

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3. Provision of grasscutters feeds.

Now that you have your grasscutters, Another important step you need to take in other to start a grasscutter farming business is to make provision for their feeding.

Grasscutters primary feed often consists of green forage. Which specifically is the elephant and Napier grass amongst many others.

But one thing you should know is that grasscutters are not just fed carelessly or randomly like other animals or livestock.

According to an expert, the daily feeding procedure should be done in the following manner

  • They should be served grass in the early hours of the day (morning).
  • And around 1 – 2 pm in the afternoon, they should be served supplementary feeds.
  • Finally, by 4 – 5 pm in the evening, you can serve them the same type of grass (Napier or elephant grass).

Having a supplementary feed is essential in grasscutter farming business. And that’s simply because It makes your grasscutters grow faster.

IMG 20200403 160842 495
Grasscutter supplementary feed

Pro Tip : If you notice they don’t usually finish the supplementary when you serve them, try another. The supplementary feed they appreciate and consume in large quantity contains corn, palm kernel and the likes.

Furthermore, to ensure proper feeding, a certain white and box equipment called feeder or drinker comes in handy. When you use it to serve water it’s called drinkers and when used to serve their feeds, it’s called feeder.

Grasscutter business feeder

NOTE : Don’t use it serve both water and drinks. You either use it to serve water or feed.

Feeder and or drinker

Lastly, other green forages welcomed by grasscutters include

  • vegetables like ripe or unripe fruit,
  • cores from the crowns of palm,
  • coconut or pineapple trees or
  • banana plants
  • green papaya, the trunk of the papaya,
  • bamboo shoots, leaves and tops from pineapples etc.

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4. Breeding and reproduction.

Proper breeding is vital to start a grasscutter farming business.

Grasscutter is kept 100% for the meat, and it has to be matured and healthy in other for you to enjoy possible returns from it. To achieve this, you must focus on the choice of grasscutters needed for breeding.

It’s no longer news that the presence of a healthy male grasscutter is vital in each colony. This is because the male is the engine of reproduction. And in most cases, it takes only a healthy male to reproduce healthy offspring.

However, while selecting the male, don’t just pay attention to the looks but also focus on the weight. These are some of the important factors that determine how healthy or the good condition of a male grasscutter.

Furthermore, the focus on selection shouldn’t be on the male grasscutter only. This is because if the female grasscutters that make up the colony aren’t is very good condition, it will affect the offspring in many negative ways.

Pro Tip : A male grasscutter is ready to reproduce from 8 months (32 weeks) at the lowest body weight of 2.5 kg. And For the female: 6.5 months (26 weeks) at the lowest body weight of 1.8 kg. The indefinite mating period usually lasts for 140 days.

However, in a situation whereby there’s no sign of pregnancy after 160 days of separation from the male grasscutter, all you have to do is put the female grasscutter back in the cage to reunite with a male.

5. Build your target market.

After the pregnancy and upon the delivery of the infant’s grasscutters, you can use that time-space/gap to when they’ll be mature enough for the market to network, build and expand your customers.

The grasscutters are 100% for consumption right? And I’m sure one of the reason you decided to start a grasscutter business in the first place is to make a profit right? Good.

If you want to start making a profit immediately, you have a period of at least 8 months (the time your grasscutters are getting matured enough to be consumed) to let people know you’re into grasscutter farming business.

Most importantly, get good supply deals when the weaning period is over and they’re mature enough for the market.

In a nutshell, the idea here is just to close deals with major top-class hotels, supermarkets, clubs etc that are in dire need of white meat.

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6. Sell your grasscutters.

There are little words to share here. After agreeing on a deal, the next proper thing to do is to sell. Don’t be cheap and at the same try to gather information on what works for grasscutter selling or marketing. You want to make those supermarket and hotels continue to patronize you; remain competitive and at the same time make a profit.

However, don’t forget to keep some grasscutters for continuous breeding when necessary. That’s how you keep growing.

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Grasscutter farming business

  • Business plan.

Every business needs a very good business plan. And this business plan is nothing more than a guide for your grasscutter business.

As an entrepreneur, you want to start a business with certain aims and objectives. And to make you achieve those aims, you need something like a pathway you need to follow in other to achieve them via varieties of strategies.

If you intend to expand beyond the shores of your country (exportation) to other likes South Africa, Ghana United Kingdom, United States etc.

You’ll need a couple of the following

  • Good husbandry skills
  • Business skills
  • Entrepreneurship skills

Decent knowledge on the above will help you produce according to the requirements of the consumers and automatically enable you to meets the market demand. It will also help you better manage your grasscutter business

Notable Advantages of grasscutter farming business.

  • It requires little capital to start up
  • Highly profitable
  • It serves as a source of employment opportunity. This directly helps to reduce poverty and also improve the county’s economy.

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Grasscutter business safety Tips


  • Clean the pen or cage with bleach, detergent to disinfect it and make it clean.
  • Wash the feeding and drinking trough at least once a week to avoid the spreading of germs.
  • Any dead grasscutter should be disposed of immediately.
  • Separate the sick grasscutters from the healthy ones for close monitoring.
  • Keep them far from the reach of snakes, soldier ants etc.

Grasscutter farming

Final words on grasscutter business.

Like chicken and other animal husbandry people indulge themselves, they’re drugs one can use to cure sicknesses of any kind. However, for grasscutter business farming, it’s best to use pra eventive method than waiting for anything that will warrant the use of the drug.

Therefore the best way to go about it when you want to start a grasscutter farming business in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and other African countries is to make sure

  • Firstly, the housing is properly done.
  • Secondly, ensure they’re not exposed to cold weather.
  • Thirdly, their feed shouldn’t be too smooth or dusty that they can inhale it. Such can result in catarrh and should totally be avoided.
  • FB IMG 15857926936605522
    Example of a good grasscutter supplementary feed

  • Lastly, make sure the sources of their supplementary feed is genuine. In other words, check the expiring date of the feed to ensure they’re not expired. An expired feed can wipe them off completely.

Every business niche has its bad apples and the grasscutter business isn’t any different. So while marketing your produce beyond and within the shores of your country, ensure your consumers your grasscutters are not part of those that have been trapped using poisonous substances. This increases their trust rate and they are more likely to come back.

I believe if you can follow all the steps mention above, you’ll be able to start a unique and lucrative grasscutter farming business in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Togo and other African countries.

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Thanks for stopping by. And your contribution is welcome via the comment section of this blog.

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